10 Minute Flu Treatment, Viral Germs, and Winter IVs

Gasoline Additives Affect the Viral Germs We Catch and How to Treat the Flu in Ten Minutes

This is an interesting story that goes back thirty years.

In 1988, I traveled to Memphis Tennessee to attend the first conference given devoted to treating problems related to Candida Albicans (Yeast), I drove all the wway there, my car was covered by an insurance4motortrade.  The conference was hosted by Dr. William G. Crook, MD, the author of the famous book on this subject called The Yeast Connection. It was a very educational three-day seminar on this all important subject and was one of my first entrees into the world of complementary or integrative medicine.

Over the years of attending conferences of this type, I’ve learned pearls of wisdom around the lunchroom table by simply interacting with other conference attendees. This yeast conference was one of those occasions.

There were ten of us sitting around a table all of us coming from different parts of the country and the subject came up of how we treated the flu. I’ll never forget this one doctor who was a country doc from some back woods area of Tennessee, not far from Memphis.

Everyone was talking to each other and this one doctor kept interjecting into the conversation in an accent with the pure twang of that part of the country, “I can treat the flu in ten minutes.” At first no one paid any attention to him, as a Flu season regular office visit can be ten minutes long, but he kept persisting in repeating, “I CAN TREAT THE FLU IN TEN MINUTES.

Finally, I was the one that turned to him and asked him what he was trying to tell us.

His flu treatment method was getting a dose of flu vaccine and diluting it 1:10, ten separate times and using is to do serial endpoint titration. It is better known as S-E-T therapy in the allergy testing world. The correct endpoint dilution makes the smallest wheal when that dilution is injected into a patient’s arm. In the case of allergies, a patients blocked nose will open up or their asthma will stop or a headache will go away. Once the dilution SET point is found, that dilution of allergen can be given to the patient as drops under the tongue.

When I came home after the weekend, my first patient on Monday morning was a patient with the flu. He had 104.7 fever and flopped down on the table like a Raggedy Ann doll. He was so weak and was coughing. I immediately diagnosed the flu and decided to do my newly learned technique. The first dilution wheal actually grew to the size of a half dollar on his arm and clinically nothing happened.

The second dilution wheal was much smaller, the size of a dime and again clinically nothing.

Visit a local skin care clinic today. The third injection was dramatic, as the needle came out of his skin he immediately sat up and said, “What did you do to me???”

His symptoms including his fever went away – instantly!

His next comment was, “I’m starving, do you have anything to eat here???”

I told him that he needed to relax, as I felt he wasn’t finished yet.

Sure enough, he started to fade 5 minutes later and said, “It’s coming back”, and laid back on the table.

At that point knowing the required endpoint dilution I simply squirted a drop of it under his tongue and it again instantly resolved and he sat up.

His next comment was, “Doc, give me a bottle of that stuff, I’ve got to go and get a hamburger.”

I told him to be careful and to take another drop as he felt his symptoms returning.

He called me the next day and said at first he needed a drop every 15 minutes, and then hourly, and then every 2-3 hours.

By the next day he was totally well.

In that flu season, I must have treated at least 100 patients using that method before flu season ended when the outside temperatures got hot again.

Then, came the next years flu season and I was becoming known as the doctor who can treat the flu very effectively and it was during that year that I studied homeopathy and became a licensed Homeopath to be able to use all the under the drop remedies we have.

Then came the next year and my trick stopped working. I couldn’t treat flu patients as after 5 treatment failures in a row, I was stymied.

That evening I crossed paths with a doctor friend of mine who was a pulmonologist and asked him what was different about that year’s flu from all other flu’s in previous times. He looked at me and asked how I knew it was different, as he too knew that something had shifted.

He, however, had asked the AZ Department of Health Services and they told him that it was strange that adults were catching RSV or Respiratory Syncitial Virus, a bug that only is supposed to infect infants and babies.  Adults never catch it, but that year, adults were catching it and they couldn’t understand what was causing it.

I took the information and spent $300 to buy a vial of RSV nosode drops and made my dilutions for skin testing. Lo and behold – it worked!

So what was the difference?

That year, back in the early 1990’s, was the year they started adding the additives to gasoline and I made the supposition that somehow burning the additives in the atmosphere changed our immune systems so that we could now catch RSV.

Adults are still getting RSV during flu season where only half the patients have actual flu and the other half have RSV.

We actually have DesBio remedies in our office that are combination drops of Influenza Nosode and RSV Nosodes prepared homeopathically.

There’s more to this story but I’ll save it for another blog.


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It’s important to note that our office is a homeopathic practice where Dr. Shelton is licensed as a homeopathic MD (in fact he’s president of the state licensing board) plus all of our technical staff employees are registered as homeopathic medical assistants under that same board and Dr. Shelton’s direction.

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