2016 Weight Loss Plan

Hope it’s been an engaging and enjoyable holiday season, sharing good times and good food with family and friends .

2016 – a  year for change, I hope in us and in the world…

Now our bitter truth comes to light- we are pounds heavier from our 2015 indulgences.

Pounds of fat, not muscle; fat that’s loaded with food preservatives, chemical flavors, trace amounts of metals and even formaldehyde!

Must we be embalmed before our last days???

Here at V.I.P., we are offering (alongside of beloved chelations, homeopathy, & chiropractic) a DesBio weight loss program. This weight loss program is a way to lose weight while safely getting rid of toxic belly fat.

Do  you know that  losing 5.15% of your body weight reaps huge benefits in your health and aging process? Over 70% of your immune system is in your gut.

Here at V.I.P Dr. Lalli & Dr. Shelton will help you with your immunity, your energy levels, your lifestyles choices and your mood. This program consists of:

A full lab workup to establish a baseline of your imbalances and a results appointment with Dr. Shelton to assess results and suggest IV’s as needed for the program.

  1. A full Chiropractic Diet evaluation with Dr. Lalli who will be your personal diet counselor for the length of the program
  2. The full OmniCleanse and homeopathic method as developed by DesBio (Dr. Shelton is DesBio’s medical director)
  3. Weekly visits with Dr. Lalli to discuss diet progress and have chiropractic adjustment so our new body fits our new lighter frame plus choosing specific nutrients based on your needs
  4. IV’s of our several types (Ozone, Vitamin C, Chelation, etc.) as needed, based on what is needed for your individualized program
  5. Laser therapy as determined by Dr. Lalli
  6. Be-Fe Detox baths as determined by Dr. Lalli

Here at V.I.P. we will get you on the road to who you want & hope to be – a healthier, happier YOU. Ride the wave of resolution & commit to a 10, 20, or 30-lb. weight loss. Get your tune-up for 2016. So it’s time to stop playing video games with elo boost services from http://elitist-gaming.com and start to lose those extra pounds.

See you soon.

Karen Lalli, BS, DC

Bruce H Shelton, MD, MD(H), DiHom, FBIH

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