Dr. Hahnemann’s Homeopathy can reduce the cost of Healthcare

Go to DuPont Circle down the street from the White House and visit the ONLY memorial to a famous Medical Doctor in our Nations Capitol. No other physician has been so honored with a monument or statue during the entirety of the 236 years of the existence of the USA.

Homeopathy is a form of Medicine that uses dilute amounts of the same or similar things that would make you sick in large amounts and is a Kinder Gentler way of healing illnesses without making the problems worse.

Dr. Samuel F Hahnemann MD (1755-1843) was a native of Germany and finished his life in Paris after he became widowed at age 80 and remarried a 29 year old Woman who came from Paris France and after marrying her, relocated to Paris where he is buried in the Père La Chaise Cemetery.

Watch the video of Dr. Bruce Shelton visiting  Père La Chaise Cemetery below and read the full transcript of his trips to Paris and Germany.

Prior to the takeover of Medicine by Allopathic interests in the USA in the 1920s, Homeopathy was the predominate style of Medicine practiced in the USA. Dr Hahnemann is the author who coined the words Allopathy to define those opposite to him and the Homeopaths who followed his philosophy.

Valley Integrative Physicians and Dr. Bruce H Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH are disciples of Dr. Hahnemann.

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