About Us

Valley Integrative Physicians is a primary care facility that uses homeopathic medicine – the art and science of healing the whole person by safe, gentle and natural methods. Integrative Medicine and Classical Homeopathy are the foundations of our practice. We offer safe alternative ways of treatment for most of the common health issues people face in today’s world.  We treat the cause of the problem rather than the symptom.  With over 30 years of active medical practice, we have the ability to identify health issues and treat our patients back to optimum health.

State-of-the-art Computer Technology

To keep up with the modern trends of society, while eliminating tedious paperwork, all office personnel enter data directly in to our computer system where it becomes a part of your permanent records. Chart notes, lab reports, imaging studies and billing invoices are all prepared as each visit progresses.  This allows us to pamper our patients while we evaluate and fix the health issues.

IV Therapy Room

Many of the Nutrients that we need to replace and administer cannot be absorbed in sufficient amount via the GI tract. That is why we use IV therapies a mainstay of our practice.

Medical Testing Equipment


Heat sensing computerized imaging systems are THE most modern and safest ways of imaging the internal parts of our bodies. They are much different than x-rays and allow our patients to avoid the ionizing radiation of x-ray while still giving life saving information to our physicians

Our bodies are electrical and vibration in nature and we use electro-dermal testing computerized devices to “read” the energies of the body. We are able to test for tens of thousands of substances that can irritate and harm the many parts of the body and come up with the safe remedy solutions to solve difficult Health Issues

What Makes Us Different at Valley Integrative Physicians

We understand the strengths and challenges with Western Medicine and integrative medicine through Homeopathy is proactive in treatment. Finding the source of your health issues is our mission.