ALLERGY TREATMENTS – Auto Saliva Therapy, AutoSanguis Therapy – Ruberkehl Treatments


When we first started our practice we called our office ‘The Allergy Center’ and treated patients with Allergy shots. We have come a long way since that time and no longer give Allergy shots in the classic sense. Instead we treat allergies homeopathically.

The Imhauser Therapy is a method of using the ‘five shot’ protocol using oral drops instead of shots. The Ruberkehl Method uses a Sanum/Pleo product mixed with the patient’s own blood to effect allergy relief in a powerful therapy requiring only one or two injections instead of weekly shots for extended periods of time.


The treatment of Allergies is tied to the neutralizing dose of the substance actually causing the Allergies. “Small amounts fix what large amounts cause”

These substances can be found with ZYTO testing and the correct Neutralizing dose calculated.

The Beauty and Wonder of Homeopathic Care is the “Law of Similars” whereas the Neutralizing dose of a substance “Similar” to the offending agent,” Whatever it might be” so that we can actually use a dilution of the similar substance and GET THE EXACT SAME RESULTS as if we actually had the offending agent.

With Zyto practice we are able to test for tens of thousands of offending agents and their Similars and send the patient home with their drops for problematic offending agents.


The real problem with a patient lies in their body fluids. By taking the body fluids most commonly used for this type of treatment namely Blood and Saliva and “serially” diluting and readministrering it, the body’s immune is stimulated to treat itself so the immune system can take over and unblock the immune system and work correctly.

Auto-sanguis (Blood) Therapy has been known for years to act as an Auto-Vaccine to treat both Allergies and More serious Diseases

Auto-Saliva Therapy has likewise been used for many years for children.


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