By Dr Bruce H Shelton MD MD (H) DiHOM FBIH

Detox Procedure Update for 2012

We have now been doing Thermography for 12 years since 2000 and continue to see much toxicity in parts of the body including the Breast tissue. This year we have begun to see women returning for their twelfth Thermograms done in our practice.

 In September 2005, 2007 and again in 2009 we have had the privilege of presenting a small sampling of our Breast Thermography work to The American College of Clinical Thermography meeting at its Biannual meetings. We showed a series of our Thermograms done before and after using our Detox Regimens and proved conclusively that the Detox Regimens do in fact detoxify Breast Tissue and other organs in the body as seen on the Thermograms. These Regimens are carefully outlined on the second page of this paper.

 There is a great controversy still going on in the imaging community over the effectiveness of Mammography and the detection and treatment of Breast Cancer. A huge study of 29,000 patients was published in 2002 suggesting that Mammography leads to unnecessary surgeries and that in fact, more needless operations are being performed than before the technology was developed. Articles continue to appear in National Press questioning Mammography (New York Times Sept 23rd 2010 recent)

 Mammography, which is basically an X-Ray procedure, has the ability to find small calcifications in the ducts of breasts (known as DCIS Disease) that “sometimes” indicate malignant disease in its earliest forms. Breast biopsies are performed in order to make an accurate diagnosis and further surgery or other treatment (radiation and chemotherapy) ensues if malignancy is found. The esteemed CBS news show 60 Minute reported several years ago that there were 50,000 cases of DCIS diagnosed in 2002 in the United States and only 10,000 of the biopsies found a cancer condition and the other 40,000 biopsies proved to be negative. Clearly to the 40,000 relieved women this was a great relief. To question a procedure that leads to this many unnecessary invasive procedures is truly a very valid question especially since there is a relatively little known procedure known as DIGITAL INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY that can help make the differentiation between cancer and benign lesions.

A Digital THERMOGRAM is a heat-sensing camera/thermometer that develops a color image on a Windows based computer screen based upon temperature differentials on the surface of any area of the body. It’s programmed to represent warm temperatures on the red end of the spectrum and cool temperatures on the Blue end. A woman imaging her Breasts simply has to stand or sit in front of the camera and within seconds an image appears on the computer. It DOESN’T have PHYSICAL CONTACT with the body and DOESN’T introduce IONIZING RADIATION into the woman’s breast as is done during Mammographic Imaging (which most people believe can provoke a malignancy to form).

 Baseline Readings need to be administered 3 months apart to establish oneself as a Thermogram patient but afterwards on an annual basis any asymmetries or changes over time could indicate the need for clinical correlation to evaluate for possible disease development.

 The usefulness in its use in Breast Disease is remarkable because the rapid growth that takes place in malignant states causes the body to need more blood supply in the affected are and even to grow new blood vessels into the area (NEOVASCULARITY) and this extra blood and blood supply creates a distinctive heat pattern on the Thermogram image. In other words the 10,000 DCIS cases that would biopsy positive would show as a warmer area at the site of the Mammographic calcifications and the 40,000 cases that would be negative wouldn’t show any changes.

Studies are presently underway to prove these statements. Currently most radiologists and the Allopathic Medical community do not recognize Thermography as a test to perform and believe that Mammograms are the only tests to have! This is a prejudicial barrier that needs to fall.


Another very strange set of phenomena is noted among our fellow members of society. Most women go for their annual imaging studies and see abnormalities other than cancer (Fibrocystic Disease, Dense Glandular Tissue, scars, patterns of lymphatic congestion etc) and upon learning that there is NO CANCER simply go home and wait until next year to take another picture. We by the way believe that both have their place and in fact some women require both.

 In spite of the fact that fibrocystic disease and lymphatic congestion can ultimately lead to malignant disease, the great majority of women simply elect to feel relieved of not currently having cancer, and are lacking the information of what to do to prevent problems BUT NEVERTHELESS usually take no action at all.

 What can they do or what should they do?

There are clearly actions of an active nature that should be taken such as discontinuation of free radical provoking substance ingestion such as nicotine, caffeine and excess carbohydrates. They can eat more cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower), which prevent breast disease. They can investigate heavy metal status and take corrective action with their dentists OR


 These are easy to use remedies that WERE USED to aid the bodies’ immune system in draining toxins from the body and in many instances treat specific disease. The Protocol for preventing breast problems lacking any other intervening circumstances was as follows with remedies designed by Dr Shelton in his role as Chief Medical Consultant to Deseret Biologicals of Sandy Utah:

  1. Desbio Cerebromax Spinalmax and Matrix Support every Day Friday thru Sunday as ten drops added to liters of water and drunk throughout the day. THAN
  2. Desbio  Detox I, II, and III; ten drops of each added to  liters of water and drunk throughout the day Monday thru Thursday

 It clearly makes sense to be proactive when living in a world loaded with so many chemicals that poison our fat cells with excess chemical and where the incidence of Breast Diseases are on the rise. The time to act is when the Mammogram or Thermogram shows minor problems before more serious problems can develop. It’s also very prudent to have other confirmatory studies such as a Breast MRI if there is any question about questionable findings!