Homeopathy Makes The Big Difference In Healing

Many of my patients know that I’ve held leadership positions in the Arizona homeopathic medical profession including both our state homeopathic medical profession’s association (AHIMA) and our state’s licensing board. I’m currently the President of the Licensing Board, a position that comes via appointment of the Governor.

As such, I’ve seen the way many doctors practice in both good and bad ways. Some doctors seem to be natural born geniuses and others seem to struggle to make things come together.

The one thing that amazes me the most is how the vast majority of those who struggle haven’t seen how simple homeopathics can help solve what seems the most difficult medical situation.

I once counted the number of modalities that exist in natural complementary alternative integrative medicine which is now being called functional medicine in such a blatant way as if the functional doctors invented a whole new field of science.

There are approximately 125 ways that natural healers practice – from acupuncture to herbs, to chiropractic adjustment to osteopathy, to magnets to lasers, to reiki to hypnotism ,to electric stimulation to PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy), to color therapy to ozone to dentistry, etc., etc. The list of modalities is over 125 long and possibly longer.

There are many practitioners who have mastered one or more of the more esoteric of the modalities and feel that their method is the best and only way to practice. They sometimes use only that method to the detriment of good patient care and sometimes fail to get a referral from another practitioner with the other skills not wanting their patient to see that they can’t resolve the issue on their own.

The old saying of “PRIDE GOETH BEFORE A FALL” seems very operative here.

The one thing that I’ve learned is that whenever the correct or even close to correct homeopathic remedy or remedies are added to the healing equation that true healing usually occurs more quickly and lasts more effectively.

The correct homeopathics are always the keystones in the healing mix of modalities needed to heal the patient. That one thing is CONSTANT AND TRUE.

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Over The River and Through The Woods to Grandma’s House We Go

Hi Friends,

I can still remember from my high school days back in Suffern, NY how school would close for the 4 or 5 days of Thanksgiving with a short day on Tuesday or Wednesday and even shorter if the weather was bad to go home for the Thanksgiving break. I lived in walking distance of school, but the bus riders always had to leave early if snow was in the air (and my mother would of course pick me up in bad weather even though I lived 0.4 miles downhill from school).

We always had an assembly that afternoon where the chorus would sing songs before the whole student body was dismissed.

I was in the chorus mainly because the chorus group could go to eat lunch in the first lunch period while the second non-singing group got to eat 45 minutes later. Even back in those days my constitutional homeopathic was sulphur (who get hungry for lunch at 11 AM).

Our fall semester choral selections always included songs of autumn and of course Christmas carols and we always left school in good spirits (my high school years were 1958-1962) in what a lot of my peers call the golden years of America.

The previous weekend we would have gone to the local farmers’ market to buy apple cider (hard and soft) and apple or pumpkin pies plus whatever vegetables were still growing at that cold time of the year. We usually celebrated Thanksgiving with my father’s family (his sister had my two favorite boy cousins and his brother had 2 boys and the only girl in the family. While my father’s mother, Grandma Sarah, was still alive, we would travel to Ellenville in the Catskills and she truly lived on a farm with her second husband, Old Man Tannenbaum.  He had a real farmhouse on a milk farm and an inn town house in the village with a garage out back that had a vintage 1930’s car in it that hadn’t been driven in 20 years. I’ve always thought that my youngest daughter Jaclyn looks like Grandma Sarah and in fact she is the one who cooks like her with recipes she learned from her grandma Doris (Audrey’s mother).

After Grandma died, the party would either be at our house in Suffern or at Uncle Marty’s house in Tarrytown.

Grandma always made her famous Pea soup and Flanken soup meat for dinner like she must have learned from her mother in the native Russia of her youth.

My mother always served food that my father would bring home from his favorite Italian restaurant in Hackensack, where his business was where he had lunch 3 out of 4 days a week and they did anything for him that he asked them to. The place was a high class restaurant with white table cloth and waiters in formal wear plus live music in the evenings. It was far from the New Jersey pizza parlor image and was truly very upscale.

My aunt and uncle (long passed away) lived in a Duplex house in Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown (home of the Headless Horseman and Rip Van Winkle) with her mother right next door so her dinners were always a project like our current family produces.

Our New Jersey Italian restaurant’s prepared Turkey dinner was the tastiest. It matched the farm fresh food we got the weekend before and was a GREAT Thanksgiving meal in Suffern at our house.

No one drank wine in our family in those days and the men would have Highballs and/or Scotch on the rocks if they drank anything. (They didn’t drink much as it wasn’t their thing to do.) The women didn’t drink anything. The kids had apple cider that was not alcoholic or juices.

But Grandma’s was the best meal of all considering that she truly lived in the country (Catskills is as country as you can get in New York).  A great Jewish Thanksgiving like they must have eaten back in Mother Russia right out of Fiddler on the Roof where turkeys never were known. Woodstock was nearby and could just as easily been on their farm just as easily as the farm they destroyed.

We actually spent summers at a bungalow colony in Ellenville when I was 9 and 10 right down the road from the Ellenville Milk Farm. Old Man Tannenbaum could easily have been Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof.

I’m actually looking forward to this Thursday when we all get together at Jaclyn and Bryan’s.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Papa Bruce

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Cholesterol and Diabetes Remedies

Many patients are still confused on the subjects of cholesterol and sugar.

Cholesterol is actually good for you.

It’s produced mainly in the liver and protects the liver from free radical attack after eating the wrong foods.

Cholesterol is also the substrate used by the adrenal gland to make all of our key hormones after menopause and andropause.

Confusion arises because eating an improper diet raises cholesterol levels and seemingly occludes our blood vessels causing heart attacks and strokes.

Two obvious misconceptions need to be cleared up front:

  1. Studies show that as many as 70 percent of heart attack victims have normal cholesterol levels.
  2. Blood vessel blocks only occur when cholesterol gets INFLAMED. Causes of inflammation are Infections, heavy metal toxicity, and environmental pollution toxicity.

Two More Points of Clarification

  1. The only logical ways to reduce inflammation are homeopathic and integrative detox procedures such as our collection of drops and procedures like Chelation and Ozone IVs.
  2. Cholesterol can be naturally lowered in ways other than poisoning the liver with statin-type drugs.

Recent studies have shown that combinations of Berberine and red rice yeast naturally lower cholesterol. Berberine is also a substance that acts like the drug metformin, which is a key drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes.

Hence, we have two sets of products for cholesterol, the supplement LipiCore and its homeopathic partner, VascuFlow.

For diabetes, the supplement GlucoStasis and its homeopathic partner, GlucoReg.

They really work.

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The Ethical Will That I Wrote Two Years Ago

Last night I was at my middle daughter Laurie’s 40th Birthday Party. She had the most diverse great group of close friends who all came out to wish her a happy birthday. One nice young lady came up to me and thanked me for the attached document that I wrote in 2012 after a Rosh Hashanah sermon given by our Rabbi. Laurie evidently sent it to her whole list. I had totally forgotten that I wrote it but it’s in my computer’s archives and I’ve decided to resend it to my Blog after rereading it. It’s one of the truest things I’ve ever written.

Each person should write their own ethical will and give it to their family.

Hi family,

Jaclyn just asked me if I was going to write an ethical will today. Mom and I already have a regular will that has all the standard will bells and whistles, plus I prepared a video tape to flesh out details. It has no surprises so isn’t for discussion here.

An ethical will as suggested by Rabbi Caplan might go as follows:

I wish good health to all my relatives. In that regard I implore you to fully investigate what I’ve devoted my whole career to I.e. Integrative Medicine. Drugs and things like antibiotics and sleeping pills, statins, etc. are inherently REALLY HARMFUL and UNHEALTHY. I encourage all of you to do as much study as you can to educate yourselves into what I’ve spent my whole end of career into promoting and learning. I’d love nothing better than to see one or more of the grand kids into deciding to be a practitioner of Integrative Medicine.

Politics really does govern our lives. My high school history teacher told us that to know the history of our own lifetimes that we should simply read the New York times every day. I’ve done that for 50 years now and encourage you all to do the same. I especially advise you to get involved with the leadership of any organizations you join. It earns you respect and keeps you out of trouble if you ally with the side that’s CORRECT. The one time I allied with the wrong side, I just about lost everything including my freedom. Make sure you go out and vote.

Love your family and respect those that are your equals. Take out the garbage or clean your room even when it’s not your turn or you just don’t want to. Your discomfort is known to the other party and when you do it anyway, it can earn you unexpected rewards. Not following this advice myself has cost me more than you can imagine.

Wine really is mentioned over 470 times in the Bible. It truly is a beverage that comes from the light (God). Learning what it’s all about is both healthy and gives you a leg up on making friends and influencing people.

Education is worth more than money in having a fulfilled life. Go as far as you can in school and than don’t stop learning afterwards.

Religion and spirituality are real. Focusing your mind through prayer and concentration connects you to the POWER unseen of the universe.

The study of astrology has been an integral part of my life and education. Its a very real discipline. Its interpretation however is very subjective and can be misinterpreted by those who might have ulterior motives. Therefore it’s best to learn it yourself so that if you seek outside professional interpretation, you will have the personal ability to discern the truth.

Learn how to make others laugh without being hurtful to someone else. It has unseen benefits.

Never lie or cheat. The negative energy it creates within yourself can be truly painful.  I knowingly lied once to my father at age 17 and the memory of doing it has remained with me since I did it and is very embarrassing to me.

True love never dies.

Be kind to animals. You might screw up and be reincarnated as an animal to be taught a lesson. No matter how much it might seem good to fall asleep with your dog it’s a lot more fun to sleep next to another human who loves you.

When you make a deal with someone in business, a handshake with someone you trust can be more ironclad than a 100 page contract. The secret is learning out how to tell who you can really trust.

Pictures taken with your eyes and stored in the hard drive of your brain can be more valuable than the ones on your iPad or photo album. Be in the moment.

Having money really is very important, but being totally debt free isn’t always the best advice. Those that do without to be totally debt free aren’t always the ones who end up the richest. You will never see a Brinks truck at a funeral and having a $30,000 casket that goes into the ground after being on display for a 2-hour funeral is a huge waste of money.

This could be a growing document that I’ll add to from time to time.


Papa Bruce

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Where Did Heel and the Sanum (Pleo) Companies Go?

Many of our patients know that I Used to work for HEEL USA as its Medical Director and also had a peripheral relationship with the Sanum company (the remedies with the blue nipples on the bottles).

You also know that I left HEEL in 2007 to become the Chief Medical Adviser to DesBio, a similar homeopathic company based in Utah.  I had a friendly relationship with the Pleo/Sanum folks and when their US CEO passed away several years ago, the company was moved from Glendale, AZ to become part of their Canadian affiliate in Vancouver.

HEEL, which was based in Albuquerque, became involved with several lawsuits related to US Administrative Law. Their parent company in Germany chose to make a several million dollar settlement and actually withdraw from doing business directly in the USA, just being satisfied to service the other 59 countries they serve worldwide from their big headquarters facility in Baden Baden Germany. I actually loved that company and what it stood for.

Meanwhile, my colleagues at DesBio with my help have created similar oral products to their HEEL counterparts and are helping fill those needs via an American produced and an FDA-registered facility in Utah and Iowa. We are doing quite well but don’t have access to any of the HEEL injectables that we once used.

The Sanum facility in Germany had a production audit done by the American FDA at their main plant in Germany and failed that inspection last year. Their once very popular remedies are embargoed from North America until changes are made in their manufacturing and quality control procedures. I recently spoke to their CEO and was told that they hope to be back in the USA market in springtime of 2015 but that will depend on a new FDA inspection. No harm was actually done and the whole procedure seemed to be overzealous caution on behalf of inspectors who didn’t really understand homeopathy.

Meanwhile, knowing that Sanum remedies are based on germ nosodes and DESBIO has very popular and effective Series Kits produced here in the USA and we’ve switched our attention to using them, I’ve used them both in place of Sanum in my practice and have helped DesBio promote them to its customers.

The best homeopathic medicines I’ve used in my life have come from Germany and I’ve actually been very close to two of its better companies in my career and am proud to now promote those philosophies through an American-based company that I’m now affiliated with.

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