An Update From Dr. Mike

When I first came this facility at the end of November I couldn’t stand up or turnover in bed. I now can walk 20-30 minutes a few times a day with my blue 4-wheel walker that you saw my last visit to AZ. I am actually hoping to leave here end of April/ beginning May and move to LA. Small apartment on one floor close to Josh and Julie. I am increasing my strength and endurance every day. All my physical therapists say I was ready to go home a month ago but house 3 floors and not set up for someone with any disability I can walk up and down stairs now also.

The interventional neuroradiologist that operated on me wants to repeat the angiogram to see if everything is ok. If it is, I’ll be done. This is scheduled April 23. Hopefully everything goes ok.

So thanks to your efforts and all that prayed for me.

Love and blessings,

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My One Memorable Trip on Boeing 777 Aircraft — Brought to Mind by the Missing 777 Over the Pacific

I’ve told this story numerous times but want to codify it for posterity.

The year was 2008 and I had just told Heel that I was leaving their employ to join Desbio.
I had spent the previous ten years traveling all over the USA and to several foreign countries lecturing for Heel and I was an expert in explaining their products and how to use them. In just two months, I would be starting my present job and a whole new career.
It was a busy morning in the office and I was getting a call from the chief of Heel’s International Speakers Bureau from his office In Baden-Baden Germany.

“Hi Bruce, we’ve got a huge problem and we need one last favor from you. We know that you’ve tendered your resignation but we have a very important last speaking opportunity for you and will understand if you say no.”

“Our lead speaker was scheduled to travel from here in Germany to Gold Coast, Australia to attend and be the lead speaker at their annual homotoxicology conference in just three weeks on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. He’s taken ill and is in the hospital and we need an English speaking alternative speaker expert. Literally no one here is available and we thought of you already one third of the way there in Arizona. CAN YOU HELP US OUT, YOU KNOW ALL THE MATERIAL.”

“Let me get this straight, you are asking me to fly to Australia for the weekend? It’s not exactly around the corner from Phoenix. HOW MUCH WILL YOU PAY ME and WHERE WILL I SIT ON THE PLANE? First answer, $1500 a day including travel days is our normal rate AND you can pick your favorite airline and we will buy you seats UP FRONT.”

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Thyroid Issues Can Be Treated With Homeopathy

Many people have problems with their thyroid gland. From being too hot or too cold in comparison to others in the room, to weight issues, to hair falling out, to aging skin, to early aging in general, the thyroid gland controls our metabolism almost like the gas pedal controls the speed of our car.

The thyroid gland is dependent on the element iodine which can be blocked from working in our bodies by its cousin halogen elements: Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), and Fluorine(F), which are three other ubiquitous poisons in our environment which can block iodine uptake and rob our thyroid of its needed building block.

Homeopathic detoxification can promote the absorption of iodine and promote the elimination of its blocking halogen competitors. Homeopathy can also up-regulate thyroid hormone in general when the body is having difficulty absorbing it or when the pituitary gland is having trouble regulating its proper use.

The easiest and most appropriate way to measure thyroid utilization is to have the patient take their temperature daily. If it regularly deviates by more than one degree from the normal 98.6 degrees F, it’s time to see Valley Integrative Physicians and have the natural approach taking to regulating abnormal thyroid function with very easy to use homeopathic products.

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Dr. Mike is Loving Proof that Prayer Worked

Dear friends,

When I went home last weekend for the day-I went both Monday and Sunday for about 8 hours each, I brought back the book you had made for me Bruce to the home. I had only been able to look at a few pages before. Now I was able to carefully read thru it. I want to thank you for the great endeavor you undertook for me to get so many people to pray for me. It appears that it worked. When I came to this facility I couldn’t stand up. PT has gotten me to where I can walk with a walker. I had been in a wheelchair and don’t need it much anymore. I am actually hoping to leave here at the end of April.

My thinking Improves daily, my body gets stronger every day. I got my doctor to lower my dose of metoprolol from 150 to 50 mg per day and I’m feeling better. You mentioned a few times I said I was suffering emotional pain and looked into this with SRT. Will report on this later. Robert, I have started to study king of kings on chart 31. I will report on this later when I finish it. So dear friends , this email is to let you know I am alive, kicking and very grateful for your efforts on my behalf. If you could convey this and my gratitude to all those that prayed for me I would appreciate it.

Love and blessings,


The above message comes from Dr. Michael E. Sussman, M.D., my friend, Dr. Mike.

As you know, he sustained an intracranial bleed because of Coumadin excess and almost died secondary to the incident. He underwent several brain surgeries and ended up in a coma for several post op weeks and upon awakening lost the desire to live.

We set forth with a project that was seen by close to 1500 folks on the Internet where they were asked to pray for Dr. Mike almost from the day after his first surgery when the hours seemed darkest for his life.

For the last six months hes been undergoing intensive therapy and you can now see the progress he’s made IN HIS OWN WORDS.

The book he is referring to is the collection of emails sent back to us BY THE PEOPLE WHO PRAYED giving their love and support.

The “Robert” he is referring to is Dr. Robert Koppen, M.D. who is a retired physician here in Arizona who had been training Dr. Mike in his energy healing techniques (Spiritual Response Therapy or SRT) prior to his illness and who has been helping guide Dr. Mike’s journey to the current point.

The King of Kings work he references is fascinating to see and I’ve been studying it myself from videos on YouTube.

Dr. Mike has also been taking 20LM potency doses of the homeopathic remedy Phosphoricum Acidum throughout the recovery period which was chosen under the guidance of Dr. Todd Rowe, M.D., M.D. (H) of the American Medical College of Homeopathy using information given to him by myself.

Warmest regards,

Dr. Bruce H. Shelton, M.D., M.D.(H) DiHom, FBIH
College Friend  of Dr. Mike
Best Men at each other’s weddings 46 years ago in 1968 and 1969


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