Why Aren’t the Media and Health Officials Talking About Natural Medical cures for Ebola?

This is the second in a series of blog posts by Dr. Bruce Shelton regarding the recent outbreak of Ebola. The first article, can be accessed here: Ebola Virus Has a Homeopathic Answer

Let me state at the outset that I’ve never seen or treated a patient with an EBOLA VIRUS infection NOR do I have any proven methods for dealing with it. If modern science would discover such an answer, I’d welcome it just as everyone else would and sing the praises for the medical geniuses who discovered it. My question in this blog post is to question WHY AREN’T THE MEDIA and HEALTH OFFICIALS talking about Natural Medical cures for Ebola?

I do know that when one googles “HOMEOPATHY and EBOLA” there are multiple web pages that come up mentioning homeopathic remedies that others have used in treating Ebola patients. The first such web page mentions the remedy CROTALUS HORRIDUS which is simply a Homeopathic dilution of RATTLESNAKE VENOM. Just think when one is bitten by a rattlesnake they get a Hemorrhagic Febrile Condition that can be treated by diluting the venom. Ebola is a Hemorrhagic febrile illness so that this remedy represents a SIMILAR condition that can sensibly be treated Homeopathically.

What are other hemorrhagic conditions found in medicine? The disease scurvy is such a problem and is caused by severe vitamin C deficiency. Its been suggested that Vitamin C should play a major role in the treatment of Ebola and it’s explained in another article that most Africans are vitamin C deficient and that’s why this disease seems so prevalent in West Africa.

This morning, I was sent an article that melatonin is a pituitary hormone that has qualities to treat the deficiencies found in Ebola. As a practicing licensed Medical Homeopathic physician, I have access to multiple homeopathic remedies that are extremely helpful in treating the symptoms of viral diseases PLUS there are well known oxidative therapies that are very successful in treating viral Infections. We regularly use OZONE in our practice to treat herpetic infections like Genital Herpes and Shingles from Herpes Zoster. If I had a patient with EBOLA and HAD A STERILE FACILITY to see the patient in, I’d definitely consider Ozone therapies as part of an overall treatment program such that are being done in the great hospitals that are treating the several known patients.

The question arises therefore that there are proposed answers for Ebola on the web but mainstream medicine and media aren’t considering any of them, at least as far as I can hear when I read my newspapers or watch my TV.

Let me again stress that I’m not equipped in my simple doctor’s office to take on Ebola patients nor do I have any proven methods to treat it and I’m not seeking them. I’m only musing in writing why the system isn’t considering these type of answers. THEY SHOULD BE TRIED IN THE CORRECT SETTINGS!

 Dr. Bruce H Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom, FBIH Homeopathic Family Physician

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What Do I Miss After Losing 36 Pounds? What Have I Gained?

REFLECTIONS on 6 months of Dieting

It’s October and I’ve now lost 36 pounds since I started my current diet in April.

I’m determined to get to a 50 pound loss and am hoping that I have the energy to get to 75 which will probably take 6 months more.


1. My Stamina on exertion is back as to when I was much younger without feelings of being winded and strained.
2. My fluid retentions in my legs are almost all gone.
3. My sense of well being is 100% improved, my mind is clearer.
4. I’ve gone to an older section of my closet for my skinnier older clothes as my current clothes are all too big (lost 8 inches on my waist and 4 on my tush).

FOODS THAT I HAVE FONDNESS for but DON’T REALLY NEED ANYMORE and simply don’t eat and can survive without:

1. Starbucks Venti Mocha
2. Chocolate ice cream and other sweet desserts
3. Fettuccine alfredo
4. Krispy Creme Donuts
5. Fried calamari
6. Sauteed green and red peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms over pasta and steak
7. Sandwiches
8. Warm bread and butter
9. Onion soup with cheese and bread
10. French Fries
11. Chicken

I’ve learned that if I’m out to dinner with family and nibble on desserts that they are eating, I will gain 1-2 pounds the next day and BE MAD AT MYSELF for losing self control making that sugar treat seem totally not worth it.

The one thing that I have had real pleasure from is my wine tasting. I’m drinking wine with dinner only and don’t feel guilty that I’m doing something forbidden as I’ve sometimes felt in the past.

I’ve got a wine cellar with wines that I’ve been afraid to open as they must be saved for a special occasion. The special occasion is being healthy and alive and having the really special wines with relatives on the weekends and special friends at irregular meetings in-between.

Having a normal sized body and proper health is a gift from the big guy upstairs and all good gift type things take effort to achieve.

Love you all,

Papa Bruce

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There is Food for the Stomach and Food for the Soul–The Malvaceae Family of Homeopathics

Malva sylvestrisThis weekend I attended part of a seminar presented by the American Medical College of Homeopathy. The words below come from the handout presented at the lecture.

It is interesting that the study of Homeopathy is based upon the understanding of all the Kingdoms (Plants, Minerals Animals) of our environment, plus the Families they are classified with and then all the Genus and Species that classify the Families.

This weekend’s lecture was on the MALVACEAE FAMILY.

Several of the well known members of the family are:

COTTON (known as Gossypium)

The keynote that I appreciated the most is on BONDING between people, not necessarily in a sexual aspect but friendship types of bonding; i.e. these remedies are useful when non-bonding issues are lacking in relationships.

It also has influence on hormonal issues when hormones go out of balance and cause problems related to hormonal dis-regulation. I especially appreciated that oxytocin produced in the posterior pituitary is a hormone that this Family group can regulate
issues such as satiety. Feelings of fullness in weight control programs can be brought back into proper balance.

One researcher called oxytocin the “cuddle hormone” which is helpful in the bonding aspects that may be failing in a relationship (stressing that cuddling isn’t necessarily a sexual act (mother/child or simple friendship hugging).

I was than amazed to see that our phenolic Malvin is sourced from Malva sylvestris, one of the mallows of the Malvaceae Family. I strongly suggest that Malvin and our other phenolics carry the general traits of the main Families they represent.

Please read the whole picture of Malvaceaes in the attached handout given out at the AMCH sponsored lecture.  It was written by Dr. Frans Vermuelen and intended for the use of classical homeopaths.


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My diet update

As most of you know I’ve been on a life-changing diet since April of this year. As of this morning I’ve lost 34.6 pounds, which is the lowest I’ve been. The program has its ups and downs but I’ve stuck to it and have made steady progress.

As I’m writing this I’m drinking my breakfast morning shake which consists of Almond milk to which I add a scoop of OMNICLEANSE, 2 small scoops of Ribose and this morning for the First time a SCOOP OF THE NEW INTESTINAL RESTORE which is adding a delicious citrus taste.

This new product has been designed by my colleague at DESBIO, nutritionist CLAIR DAINARD and is aimed at healing the gut to avoid the food allergies that comes with a LEAKY GUT which causes all forms of inflammation in the body which can be considered the root cause of fat storage and Obesity.

Desbio has created a whole program for healing the Leaky Gut and has created a small booklet that I’m linking to this blog post. It speaks for itself. Any of our patients already taking Omnicleanse as part of their detox protocols should consider adding INTESTINAL RESTORE to the morning shake.

I’ve decided that my short term weight loss goal is 50 pounds and I’ve been told by several advisers that I should shoot for a final total of 75 pounds.

I can report that I currently feel great doing this slow weight loss program. When I last attempted weight loss with our “other” Program, I lost a total of 65 pounds rather quickly and FELT TERRIBLE and suffered grief of missing my favorite foods and my avocation of a glass or two of wine with dinner. I needed to put the weight back on to feel better. This will not happen this time.

Don’t forget from my previous reports that I’ve been able to drink wine with dinner while on this diet AND IVE STILL LOST almost 35 POUNDS to date. This is unheard of in the world of diets. Some say that I might have lost more weight to date without the wine, BUT I currently FEEL GREAT and have no cravings for anything, I’ve LOST my FLUID RETENTIONS and FEELING OF BLOATING and NO STAMINA. I’ve gone back to wearing older clothes as my waist has dropped 6 inches as has my derriere (butt).

I encourage anyone reading this who is currently a patient to come in and discuss this program for yourself. I still take all my Homeopathics and regular supplements as well as do Ozone and Chelation IVs every two weeks, exercise at least 5 days a week AND also get acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation and energy work from my 3 personal adviser physicians. It’s a team approach to which has just been added INTESTINAL RESTORE.

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Thermography World Needs to Be Reintroduced to Complex Homeopathic Medicine

This past weekend the Valley Integrative Physicians staff comprised of homeopathic practicioner Dr. Bruce H Shelton, MD, MD(H), Head Thermologist Cheryl Huey, and Office Manager Audrey Shelton traveled to Orlando Florida to attend the Biannual American College of Clinical Thermography Symposium. One hundred seventy-five practitioners from all over the USA and around the world were in attendance. We met fellow thermographers from far away places such as China (where thermograms are being used inside hospitals), Turkey, and Australia, to name but a few localities where thermograms are being used as part of the healthcare system.

Saturdays sessions were presented by experts in various fields such as female hormone replacement, acupuncture, biological dental care, functional medicine, and the full gamut of Integrative therapies were widely discussed. The most personal impressions were made by folks that have heard me speak at other conventions over my long career as a speaker on homotoxicology and integrative medicine. Many current customers of DesBio who have listened to the many DesBio webinars where complex homeopathy, botanical medicine, and nutrition come together as one organized modality and who came up to me and shook my hand in thanks for the information that I’ve imparted.

The Sunday sessions were put on mainly by Dr. Peter Leando, PhD, the creator/inventor of the Meditherm Thermogram systems, who gave us a review of the state of science behind thermographic imaging. He stressed the point that thermograms image the autonomic nervous system’s effects on the skin, overlying areas of health, or pathology. Inflammation, for instance, stimulates the sympathetic nerves which cause constriction of surface blood vessels and the skin in those areas appear cold (blue) whereas direct irritation can cause heat to be present which can appear red. Tumorous growth can stimulate the parasympathetic nerves to dilate blood vessels and those areas above a tumor will appear hot or red as well. It is very important to apply clinical judgement therefore when interpreting what one is seeing AND TO REMEMBER that thermograms aren’t considered diagnostic for the reason that the clinical judgement piece must be added by a trained physician who knows how to combine all the pieces of data to make a medical diagnosis.

My bottom line take-away pearl of knowledge from the weekend is that homeopathy and complex homeopathy is a perfect addition to the thermogram experience and should be used by every practitioner using digital thermography, and, when used correctly, helps solve hard to diagnose medical issues that eludes an allopathic-only oriented practitioner when dealing with complex and hard to diagnose patients.

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