Homeopathic Vaccine Nosode Protection

I just spent the last four days in New York at the annual Integrative Health conference.

As per usual, some of the most important educational pearls are learned in the exhibit hall.

I spent some quality time talking with a Dr. Born, a naturopathic physician from Alameda, California. Dr. Born has been using a vaccinosis homeopathic nosode that he buys from a reputable manufacturer in California and has been able to measure IgG antibody levels in his patients within two months of administering it.

As you know, antibody levels are the holy grail of proof that a vaccination has worked and is the proof required by authorities to prove that a patient is safe to live in society.

We, in fact, have been using another nosode product from a different reputable manufacturer and have never suggested these measurements unless asked for by school systems or the military.

Previously, no one has ever reported such a phenomena of antibodies from a nosode and explain protection from passive protections at deeper levels.

I’m actually going to order the same nosode he was using and see if I can recreate his results in willing informed patients. It will require a blood test both before and after, as many patients also have existing immunity acquired by herd immunity simply by being around patients who transmit sub-clinical levels of virus after either being vaccinated or by being exposed to sick patients.

Please don’t forget that homeopathy was started as a result of the cowpox/smallpox phenomenon of the late 1700’s. The studies on those patients were the first homeopathic uses. We’ve been in the vaccination field since the beginning of vaccinations. I predict that it will take us at least two weeks to obtain this new product.

The other thing of interest to me was a new urine test for 8-OH-dG as a marker for inflammation. I’m going to recommend it for all of our chelation and ozone patients as the test is done by Doctor’s Data, the lab that tests for heavy metals. It will be a proof of efficacy for all of our IV procedures including our new phosphatidylcholine IVs.

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When You Have Just Got To Get the MMR Shot

“I can’t keep my kids out of school for three weeks.”

“My neighbors will ridicule me.”

“I’ll lose my job.”

“Sanjay Gupta says it’s safe.”

“My pediatrician will fire me as a patient.”

The full court media press onslaught has finally broken the resistance of previously vaccination-free families. The kids are getting vaccinated in droves these last two weeks.

What Can the Integrative Doctor Do to Help?

First, the good news. 

Out of 330 million American citizens, there are only 141 cases of measles reported to date. It’s not an overwhelming problem, at least yet.

There is a homeopathic way to protect children against vaccination damage:
homeopathic remedies and homeopathic nosodes.

I, personally do know of 2 children so far who have run high fevers after the shots. None have exhibited signs of long term damage, yet.

I know of NO CHILDREN who have taken homeopathic preventives that have gotten either the measles OR damage from actual vaccination.

I DO KNOW OF EVIDENCE THAT VACCINES CAN CAUSE DAMAGE. I’VE SEEN THE PATIENTS AND HAVE READ THE PUBLISHED STUDIES OF DAMAGE. It is 99 percent overtly safe but one out of hundred really isn’t ideal odds especially if it’s your child.

I know of no one who gets the flu who have taken Influenza Plus drops including myself (I actually had measles when I was 7 years old and survived).

What I Do Advise To Optimize Protection and Safety For Very Worried Parents

  1. Take MMR drops one week before the shot and ten days afterward.
  2. Take Vax Reaction Drops for ten days after the shot and hourly if any signs of  fever or illness.
  3. Eat healthy foods and limit immune suppressing foods (sugars and yeast promoting foods) for the month of the vaccination ordeal.
  4. Take daily Vitamin C and essential fatty acids.
  5. Don’t scare the kids and love them sincerely.

Vaccinations have real risk and aren’t a 100 percent option in life. It’s become a highly emotionally charged subject in a very highly charged time in all of our lives BUT we do what we must to serve the courage of our convictions.

Bruce H Shelton MD MD (H) DiHom FBIH
Homeopathic Family Physician

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The First Study on Vaccines Was Done by the Father of Homeopathy: Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Dr. HahnemannThe very first vaccination was done by Dr. Sir Edmond Jenner in the last part of the 18th century.

He is the doctor who made the observation that the milkmaids who milked cows infected by cowpox (a.k.a. vaccinia) were left immune to the more deadly smallpox (variola).

Vacca, as you know, is Latin (and Spanish) for “cow.”

Jenner took the scabs from the milkmaids and scratched this infectious material on other patients and transferred this protection which became known as IMMUNITY.

It’s the first example of what became known as the Law of Similars – using something similar but mild to protect against things strong or deadly.

While this was going on, young Samuel Hahnemann was in medical school and was given the task to seek out other similars in nature and to see if the principle held true throughout all nature.

His body of research became known as “Homeopathy.”

Of great interest, he found that small amounts can protect against the bad effects of things that are concentrated and strong, and similar.

For instance, the bark of the cinchona tree protects against malaria.

Poison ivy protects against arthritis.

Diluted rattlesnake venom protects against Ebola.

Gelsemium against flu.

Belladonna against measles.

Dr. Hahnemann followed folks that were vaccinated for whole lifetimes and he made the diagnosis of its long term effects which he named Vaccinosis (needs to be Googled to be understood). He even found its antidote – Thuja (from the Arborvitae tree).

Thuja is considered the universal antidote against the side effects of vaccinations and hopefully will be being used by those folks currently being convinced to get vaccinated against measles.

What is deeply disturbing to this practitioner is that the media is not presenting this whole story.

It’s time to dust off the DesBio remedies.

Multiple miasm (which among other remedies also contains Thuja) is an antidote against the life changing effects of vaccines, some of which are immediate and some which take many years to manifest (please Google and read Thuja and/or Vaccinosis).

The remedy, Vax Reaction, also covers the problem.

But the point of this short missive is that the first and most comprehensive study on vaccination perils was done by homeopath Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, whose wisdom and remedies would be very helpful if being reported by CNN and the representatives from NIH.

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Definition of Immunocompromised









From CNN to Disney to President Obama, the powers that be want you to vaccinate children against the measles.

This morning CNN had a very insightful interchange between a mother whose first son developed autism after an MMR shot.  She has made a decision NOT TO VACCINATE her remaining normal younger son AND a lady infectious disease doctor who told her that as long as her son isn’t IMMUNOCOMPROMISED that the MMR is safe to give.

A healthy Immune system can handle any immune challenging substance.

What Then is Immunocompromised?

In the broadest definition it’s an immune system that doesn’t respond correctly.

Clearly, the worst case would be AIDS and other diseases like it.

However, in my viewpoint, any patient with SIMPLE ALLERGIES has an immune system that has a defect in that it reacts improperly to normal substances.

Clearly, the reaction that some patients have to MMR that can lead to brain swelling and autism can be considered an allergy that manifests as an auto-immunity of that patient’s immune system and the MMR vaccination.

So, therefore, if a child has allergies, by definition that child is immunocompromised and qualifies to get a pass from unsafe vaccination.

Are there blood tests to see if you are allergic or immunocompromised?

Yes, there are.

Are there things that can be done to boost the immune system?

Yes, there are.

Are there 100% guarantees that you can do the tests plus do a boost and get a 100% protection?

No, there aren’t.

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Measles Vaccines, Autism, and Homeopathic Alternative Remedies

Below is an email I recently sent to family members.

I know that times are scary regarding communicable diseases practically all the time but especially now regarding measles. I know that my 6 grand daughters are incompletely vaccinated and I’ve applauded you for being cautious in not giving them shots.

Please know that when I was 7 years old back in 1952 I had the measles and I’ve obviously lived to have a normal life. If, God forbid, someone in the family gets the measles we will use homeopathy to get them through it. A normally functioning immune system helps the body survive these types of viruses and in fact gets stronger after a normal survival experience.

The only kids that get in real trouble are the ones that have had their immune systems suppressed by IMPROPER DIETS containing too much sugar and carbs, heavy metal toxicity, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides and the many other kinds of environmental pollution that is slowly poisoning the human race.

Please know that Dr. Andrew Wakefield MD (Google him) proved that the MMR shot given as a combo vaccination is one of the causes of dreaded autism. I fully believe that such is true even though Dr. Wakefield was vilified in his native Great Britain and needed to flee his homeland to his new home in the United States. The author of the vilified article was finally caught in his lie and FIRED. In spite of what the government and CNN says, I believe that the school is still out on this question and that autism is too big a risk to take.

What Dr. Wakefield allegedly proved is that the combination of measles, mumps, and rubella in a single shot is related to Autism is the problem and that the individual vaccines were much safer when given separately. If you can find a single measles shot and it makes you feel better, then go ahead and have it administered. The problem is that single vaccines are no longer available and you can only take MMR, the very thing that Dr. Wakefield warned against.

My alternative is homeopathic MMR drops which do not create antibodies in the body nor do they give lasting protection. They do, however, give a passive protection so it needs to be taken several times every week and if you do indeed catch the infections, help make it a milder case. I have them in my closet.

These same drops can be used to treat these horrible infections and remember that the human race has survived measles for the many years before these dangerous vaccines were introduced into our world in the last quarter century.

Please also remember that I didn’t get smart about vaccination dangers until I became a homeopath in the late 1980’s, and you, my daughters received all the available vaccines available when you were young (about 6 of them). The problem today is that there are now over 20 different vaccinations available and there is much evidence that multiple vaccinations given close together cause horrible problems (e.g. look at poor VP Dick Cheney who received about ten vaccinations in a two week period in order to go to the Gulf War zone in the 1990’s. He now has a transplanted new heart as his old one died).

I personally received 4 smallpox vaccinations as a teenager to go on cruises with my parents and have destroyed corneas in my eyes with keratoconus.

I’d much rather help you, God forbid, deal with a child with measles than a child with autism, but please know I’ll be there.

It’s a horrible trade-off, but definitely the lesser of two evils when dealing with the horrible decision of which is the lesser evil.


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