Fed Up Movie

We recently went to the movies and saw the movie Fed Up*, which was co-produced by Katie Couric.

It’s all about how our obesity epidemic is created by all the sugar in our diets.

The movie followed the lives of several very overweight children and how the school lunch programs are loaded with bad sugars and carbohydrates and how when vegetables were substituted in their diets they were able to normalize their weights and their lives.

Several famous doctors including, Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, are featured in the movie as well. Dr. Hyman is one of President Bill Clinton’s doctors and has written books on curing diabetes and recently helped a whole church congregation collectively lose about 100,000 pounds.

After seeing the movie, I made an offer to my granddaughters and told them that I’d buy them a gift card to a store of their choice if they would go see the movie. So far, two of them have taken me up on the offer.

One of those two just went to sleep away camp for the first time and really enjoyed herself.
I asked her younger sister if she wanted to go to camp with her next year and she told me, “NO.” I asked why not. Her response was that the food contained too much sugar and that it wasn’t healthy.

Sounds like my gift was well spent.


 *The movie’s official page can be accessed here.

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We Want to Pay it Forward

Dear Patients,

I just read a very interesting story which was very inspiring to me. It embodied the spirit of “Pay it Forward.” Do something good and you will reap the rewards of doing something good.

I’ve decided to try and do something good within the confines of our personal economic abilities.

Firstly, we  want to pay it forward to our staff who will help make this all happen .

Secondly, I’m asking you to avail yourself of doing something good for yourself and someone you know who needs medical help for ongoing problems. Let’s call it “Buy One For Yourself and I’ll Give One Free to a Friend or Relative VIP Program.”

Come in with your allergies and buy a Ruberkehl Shot for yourself and we will give another Ruberkehl Shot to your friend or relative who’s never been here before who needs it FOR FREE during August.

Come in with your depressed immune system and fatigue issues and buy 5 Shots for yourself and we will give 5 shots to a friend or relative who has never been here before who needs a boost FOR FREE during August.

Come in to have your repeat ZYTO scan for your own issues during August and we will give the abbreviated ZYTO scan on our upfront laptop system to a friend or relative who has never been here FOR FREE during August.

If that friend or relative later decides to become a patient of our practice we will give them a 20% discount on the Homeopathic Consult. They will need to get established. However, they have no obligation to do anything more than get the free shots or scans if that’s all they need (although we will ask them to sign our chart permits when they get their free procedures as everyone does).

As you know, the medical profession has rules of needing to do physicals on new patients and sign permits in order to get them established before getting major therapies on new patients, so that I’m limited in being able to offer free IVs to new patients without having examining them but I’d like to be able to make that kind of an offer in the future if this project makes a significant difference as its received.

I want to do my part in helping folks in need and hope that the pay it forward attitude will create positive energy that our society sorely needs at the present time.

Warmest regards,

Dr Bruce H Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom, FBIH
Homeopathic Family Physician

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SUDDEN DEATH IN YOUNG ATHLETES: Reduce Risk by Having a Free HRV Test

Many patients coming to our office for Homeopathic Workups ask us why we do Heart Rate Variability Testing before and after our examinations.

Hear Rate Variability or HRV testing is a very accurate measurement of the autonomic nervous system which is that part of our brain that controls all the sub conscious functions of the body such as breathing, heart beating, kidney urine production, liver function and the immune system, among many other functions of the body that we don’t think about to have happen.

For instance, we don’t think to breathe, it sort of just happens. Of course it doesn’t just happen, as it’s under the control of the part of the brain that runs on seeming autopilot systems that we are born with.

In actual fact, many of our patients see us because of immune system diseases such as ALLERGIES, CHRONIC FATIGUE,CHRONIC INFECTIONS, FIBROMYALGIA, ARTHRITIS and the myriad of problems we see in our practice all caused by defects in the autonomically controlled immune system.

The reason that we do HRV as part of our practice is that THE PROPER HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES FIX HRV-DETECTED ABNORMALITIES. We therefore do an HRV scan before and after every one of our new workups.

We invite you to Google “SUDDEN DEATH IN YOUNG ATHLETES.”  You will find numerous articles why young athletes can suffer cardiac episodes when stressed with the overexertion of athletic exercise.

HRV can also detect those athletes most at risk for these types of problems and its actually advisable to do an HRV test on all young athletes before starting any new Athletic programs.

We have decided to make a special summer offer to do a $75 School Physical and a FREE HRV TEST (takes 7 minutes) on the young athletes of family members of our practice’s patients if at least one family member has established themselves as a patient regardless if the athlete family member has been here before or not.

An HRV test normally costs $75 per scan and we are willing to run one HRV scan (with a $75 school physical) between now and end of August WITHOUT CHARGE just to introduce the procedure to our patients.

Having a normal HRV is no guarantee that adverse athletic events will not occur, but having a normal HRV is a very reassuring finding that the patient athlete is in good enough shape to endure realistic school sports endurance.

If we find abnormalities, we will recommend regular testing that we will charge for and may in fact need to refer abnormal findings to a regular cardiologist. But we can tell you that we have homeopathic formulas such as our ATHLETIC ENHANCER DROPS which have been shown to increase exercise ability in any athletic exercise.

To avail yourself of this offer, you still need to make an appointment to fit it into our busy schedules and slots will be limited to times available between other patients with regular appointments.

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Why Doesn’t Every Patient Respond Quickly?

I am asked constantly why I can’t just use a single homeopathic remedy and cure sick patients.

The answer is, yes you can sometimes use a single remedy and trigger the healing mechanism and the patient will quickly respond. In fact, that is the intent of all good classical homeopaths, to be able to give a single dose of the appropriately correct remedy and for the patient to quickly respond. And throw off their illness that is making them so miserable. In my experience, I’ve seen that type of response just 10 – 5 percent of the time.

For the rest of the 85 – 90 percent, healing is a much harder 6-part puzzle to solve — almost like opening a combination lock with 6 separate clicks or puzzle pieces to open the healing door. The first click remains the appropriately single homeopathic remedy and the combination, complex detox remedies that will back it up.

Puzzle Piece or Click Number Two

I like to tell patients that the proper homeopathic(s) is like the key that goes into the ignition switch in a car that starts the car’s motor. It usually works but if you are missing several spark plugs in the motor…

In human terms, missing spark plugs equate to needed:

Essential trace element minerals

And all the Va red cofactors that keep the bodies enzyme systems functioning.

All of those ingredients must be present for the body’s motors to run smoothly.

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Good News in the Fight Against Harmful Mercury

Our practice has known for years about the perils of mercury amalgam fillings.
Mercury is the second most poisonous metal on the planet just behind radioactive strontium. The EPA acknowledges the health risks associated with exposure to high levels of mercury which include damage to the heart, brain, lungs, and immune system. The EPA, through its Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), has set some guidelines to limit mercury emissions and other air toxics from power plants. Information on the rule as well as information about sources of mercury in the environment can be found here.

The combination of any germ and mercury magnifies the effects of the germ 100 fold. Its implication in Lyme disease and autism has been brought to light by good friend Dr. Dietrich Kinghardt in numerous venues.

Close friend Charlie Brown Esquire has been the driving force in the education of the entire world about the dangers of mercury, with his efforts recently culminating in the Minimata Convention signed by many nations under the auspices of the United Nations.

Our practice uses thermography to detect dental problems and has 3 dentists in the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale area that we regularly refer to for proper corrective dentistry.

Our homeopathic detox protocols and chelation therapies aid in the elimination of mercury from the system.

High dose vitamin C IVS and Ozone MAHT IVs are extremely useful in detoxification procedures and are in great demand for many purposes.

Our practice still offers a discount program where one can pay up front for any 4 IVs and get a 5th IV for free.

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