Did Prayer Help Me Lose 30 Pounds?

Hello Friends,

It’s now 4 months since I’ve been on my diet and I’ve reached the milestone of losing 30 pounds.

I had asked friends to pray for my success and its interesting how good I feel with this diet and how I have NO CRAVINGS and feel ready to push on setting ten pound goals to jump over.

My acupuncturist wants me to get my weight below 200 pounds which will represent my losing 1/3rd of my starting weight.

I’ve come to the conclusion that at my next birthday in Feb I’ll be 70 years old and if I want to get to my 80s or 90s or even beyond SO THAT I can’t be overweight any longer. I’ve never met an obese 90 year old.

Since April I’ve not eaten:

ICE CREAM (Wait, I’ll take ice cream back, I had some at a Sunday family dinner a month ago and it blocked my weight loss for two days)

Congressman Schweikert and Dr. Shelton

Dr. Shelton with Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) at the Congressional Valley Fever Open House in April

Dr. Shelton after losing 30 pounds

Dr. Shelton is now slimmer and 30 pounds lighter thanks to his “no bad carbs” diet.

I’ve given up the bad carbs and eat beef or duck for my evening meal with a good green vegetable or second salad.

I have an Omnicleanse shake for daily breakfast and occasionally have just had two scrambled eggs. I add Ribose and ASEA to the shake.

I dose my water every morning with all my DESBIO detox drops and hormone boosters from (as much as ten different ones each day).

I take the eight nutrients needed for chelation twice daily plus my DESBIO Omega Fields EFAs.

I have a plain salad for lunch based on a wedge of lettuce and good summer tomatoes and regular dressing (my wife says I use too much).

I exercise at least 5 days a week for 20 minutes on my treadmill.

I have biweekly MAHT Ozone IVs with an EDTA push.

I see my osteopath Dr. Davidson twice a month.

I see my acupuncturist Dr. Hane once a week—she says that my big mountain belly is now a small hill (she’s Korean).

My tailor (a patient who makes clothes says that I’ve lost 6 inches off my waist).

I email my weight to my energy healer Doctor Koppen and he keeps my gluttony entities away (we are actually having dinner next week).

Of GREATEST AMAZEMENT is that my reward for daily exercise is two glasses of wine with dinner. I’m enjoying wine in a new way and getting to taste from my collection that actually led to my gaining my weight. My wine tasting in the past always led to gluttonous eating (I was AZ secret spy for Travel Holiday Magazine for ten years and am still Commander Emeritus for Arizona of the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine, NOW RETIRED but created 160 wine dinners over the 19 years I actively served).

I will keep regular updates coming as I reach my milestones.

Love you all for your support. Please keep your good energy flowing.


Bruce Shelton

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ZYTO Testing and Homeopathy: Dr. Shelton’s Epiphany

Dr. Bruce Shelton wasn’t always aware of the benefits of homeopathy, but when he found no other answers to a sudden onset of pneumonia that developed into chronic asthma his experience with the treatment was profound. “It was like someone pushed a button and my lungs opened up,” states Shelton. This epiphany led to greater study and a journey lasting more than three decades.

In this journey, Dr. Shelton realized that in order to make proper selections of homeopathic remedies for his patients, “it would be nice to have an exacting method.” In the early years, he found that The Interro System “filled the bill” but its methods were time consuming and often required other technicians to operate in order to manage his patient load. As the technology evolved Dr. Shelton discovered the ease of the ZYTO hand cradle. “When the ZYTO came along, I’m the one that does it and I’m happier. And the patients are happier because they see me for their entire visit and that’s what they want; they want to see the doctor.”

Dr. Shelton continues to remain open to the possibilities of integrative and homeopathic medicine, helping many others like him, to experience relief and answers where none seemed to exist.

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Ebola Virus Has a Homeopathic Answer

Hi Friends,

If you Google “Ebola and Homeopathy” you find numerous websites like this link (http://www.lightparty.com/Health/EbolaCure.html) that says CROTALUS HORRIDUS (rattlesnake venom) is a homeopathic cure for Ebola Virus at 30C dilution.

I don’t believe that DesBio has any of our remedies that includes it as an ingredient, but thought that I should look it up if anyone asks and suggest that we might want to create a new remedy and am copying this to my colleagues.

I looked through my own library of 400 single remedies that I bought years ago and actually found a bottle of it in my closet at 12X dilution. It is obviously commercially available from homeopathic pharmacies and here in the land of the DIAMOND BACK (our AZ state reptile and namesake of our baseball team) there are obvious fresh supplies slinking around in the desert.

With the news media whipping up a new frenzy of a pending Ebola pandemic there is actually a known homeopathic answer for it and i wonder why we homeopaths aren’t issuing press releases that there are answers for the problem.

Dr. Bruce H Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom, FBIH
Homeopathic Family Physician


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Dr. Mike’s Continued Recovery

Here is the latest video from Dr. Shelton showing Dr. Mike’s progress after suffering from intracranial hemmorhage, a  life-threatening condition, last October.  His continued recovery proves that prayer is effective and continues to work.





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Homeopathic Treatment of Allergies

This has been an interesting week for an internal discussion on the comprehensive homeopathy treatment of allergies.

While there are many homeopathic preparations for the treatment of allergy symptoms (phenolic histamine, allergy rescue, allermilk, asthma relief, sinusitis plus, etc., etc.) what remedies are available for the deep immune treatment of the causes of allergies ?

Of course the obvious answer to reversing the immune systems allergic response is to give either allergy shots or drops of the exact dilution of the exact substance at the exact end point dilution of what the patient is allergic to.

The problem occurs where we don’t know either the substance or exact dilution to use.

We’ve overcome parts of that dilemma with the Laws of Similars where we can
administer a homeopathic similar remedy with Chord serial dilutions and Burgi groups for potency and cover those bases with these unique methods, and, in fact, they do work.

But is there a deeper answer to treating a patient so that the immune system can stop it’s allergic response which is indeed a mistake that the immune system makes?

Many folks know that I worked for HEEL for fifteen years before joining DesBio.
While there, I attended many training seminars on homotoxicology, which was Dr. Reckeweg’s philosophy of complex homeopathy. The bulk of that work is codified in “The Big Orange Book“, known as “The Ordinatio“, and the famous six phase chart.

All treatments of course started with the detox protocol followed by specific organ and phase remedies for the problem at hand.

Allergies were treated with the remedies: schwef heel, traumeel, and gallium heel.

It so happens that DesBio has ready equivalents for all three: sulfur remedy, celeragesic, and bio gallium phase, each taken twice daily or mixed together in our bottle of water method.

I invite our patients who haven’t totally yet conquered their allergies to come in and get tested for these three very specific allergy treating remedies.

If this is all we need to do we can do this for the cost of a quick recheck visit as part of our special summer programs.


Dr. Shelton

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