Homeopathy vs. Functional Medicine

This blog post is the sole opinion of the author, based on personal observation and experience and is only an opinion.

During the 1990’s the hottest ticket to medical conferences for avant garde physicians were always the annual Jeff Bland conferences of the year sponsored by Dr. Bland and the company he founded called Metagenics. These conferences were always over attended by forward thinking medical doctors and practitioners from Integrative or Complimentary Alternative methods.

These conferences were always based on the latest science-based evidence of complicated biochemical interactions. Dr. bland was (and is) a mesmerizing speaker who was able to interconnect complicated biochemical reactions of human chemistry and show the need for the latest Metagenics remedy that he and his team created. Many of these remedies are still in wide use today and are the mainstay of practice of the practitioners who have adopted these techniques of medical practice.

After twenty years of presenting this philosophy, these thoughts and practices have morphed into a discipline known today as Functional Medicine, definitions of which are attached to this article. The followers of these theories are many, as they are based on what’s called “evidence-based” or “science-based” practice, which are the buzzwords that qualify this type of care for AMA acceptance and all important insurance reimbursements.

I remember sitting in the audience and watching the Power Point screen in front of the room fill with the most confusing and elaborate charts of complicated biochemical reactions that had no way to be reasonably or economically tested in any other place except a research laboratory, and in no circumstances could it be tested or managed by the average family physician in day-to-day practice.

I always came away from these sessions thinking that there must really be a God in Heaven because such a complicated chemical system could only have been created by such a deity and how fortunate we must all be to have a system that can regulate itself in such a remarkable way.

I believed then and still believe now that our bodies are energized by an energetic lifeforce and the correct trigger, such as a correct homeopathic remedy or correct acupuncture treatment or correct adjustment, could make all the complicated chemistry of the body come back into natural balance by the will of the Natural Internal Mechanisms put into our systems by the creator. SIMPLER IS BETTER.

In reading the Wikipedia definition of functional medicine, one can see that the growth of this philosophy was attacked by FTC fines and judgments in its early years and eventually a foundation called the Foundation of Functional Medicine was created to add status to these philosophies with a huge army of followers who attend huge annual conferences for latest research and annual training.

The current leader of this foundation is the esteemed Dr. Mark Hyman, MD who had the distinction of using these methods to treat President Bill Clinton after he had his heart surgery.

There is no question that functional medicine is an accepted form of medical practice because of its use by medical doctors who receive Insurance reimbursements for treating patients in these manners.

Please reread the definitions via the links below so that you can see what these procedures entail.


It’s because I believe in the world that was codified in Arizona by the Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medical Examiners, of which I’m the current President.

Our discipline is based upon homeopathy and the modalities that augment its effectiveness, many of which are embodied in the discipline of Functional Medicine so that there is an overlap of the two disciplines with only the founding principles being different.

Our AZ modalities are:

1. Homeopathy
2. Acupuncture
3. Chelation therapy
4. Orthomolecular medicine
5. Nutrition
6. Neuromuscular integration
7. Pharmaceutical medicine

Perhaps the seventh isn’t really part of the basic philosophy, but one cannot get an AZ homeopathic license without being a graduate of an MD or DO medical school.

In any case we are all brethren in the integrative world but our Arizona group feels ostracized because of our non-eligibility for insurance inclusion, with some practitioners being downright happy to not have to comply with the onerous reams of paperwork needed to be part of those systems.


It’s because the belief systems of HOMEOPATHY and ACUPUNCTURE believe in a spiritual energy or VITAL FORCE that energizes the body and influences its science- based chemistry THAT CAN’T CURRENTLY BE SCIENTIFICALLY MEASURED and it seems unfair to exclude its existence because the tenets of the SCIENCE-BASED systems can’t explain it.

It is this VITAL FORCE or QI energy that REALLY rules the system and which needs to be PRIMARILY ADDRESSED in treating patients and it’s this factor that is sorely missed in the FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE PHILOSOPHY.


Here are some of functional medicine definitions and resources that can be found on the Internet: 




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From Auto-Sanguis Therapy to the New Platelet Rich Plasma Procedures

Any patient of our practice for the last twenty years knows that we do a procedure that we call “5 Shots” where we take a small amount of the patients blood and make 5 half cc allergy shots. The official name of this procedure is Auto-Sanguis Therapy (auto-sanguis means your own blood).

We have used this therapy to treat things from the common cold to major serious health issues, such as blood diseases, as what’s wrong with you is in your blood, and by diluting it and giving it back in a serially diluted fashion, stimulates the immune system to create a healing reaction that resolves the problem at hand that’s being dealt with.

I’ve personally taken 5 Shots at least once a month for years now for an energy boost, as it seems to increase my immune response and keep me from getting sick. It’s a wonderful procedure.

Several short years ago I learned of another procedure being done with patients own blood that is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) joint injections. Orthopods, podiatrists and psychiatrists are using these injections to rebuild inflamed ankle joints, knee joints, shoulder and hip joints and are getting great results in relieving pain and avoiding surgeries.

Just today, I became aware of the latest use of PRP. It’s being used in plastic surgery therapy procedures to remove facial wrinkles and other uses of anti-aging on skin. A doctor in Alabama has actually patented a procedure that he named the “O-SHOT” where PRP is injected in key points inside the vagina and it rebuilds menopausal vaginal tissue caused by hormone deficiency and in the process restores a woman’s ability to orgasm. A female naturopathic doctor we know in Scottsdale has been licensed under this patent to perform this procedure with PRP. We aren’t preparing to infringe on this patent but we have been doing Frankenhauser Plexus injections for many years as part of our Neural Therapy practice (we can call it a P Shot?) which we use to shrink fibroids and have never asked if it promotes orgasmic sensation.

Some doctors are actually ozonating their PRP, calling them Ozonated PRP injections and getting the additional benefits afforded by ozone.

The use of blood products as therapy in homeopathic practice goes back as far as I know to a Spanish homeopath in 1911 named Dr. Emmanuel Cahis, who taught classes on the serial dilution of blood products. Auto-blood injections have been in use for well over 100 years with the information in the free public domain literature for as many years.

We invite discussion of any and all auto-blood and ozone injections with any of our established patients.

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Is the Measles Problem Really Gone?

Just about every parent of an autistic child I’ve talked to absolutely swears that the child started their autism problems within weeks and months of a vaccination. Perhaps 1% of all vaccinations seem to lead to autism in a very real sense based on words of families that have lived the nightmare.

Unfortunately, since 99% of vaccinations don’t lead to autism, the scientific community swears that vaccines are TOTALLY SAFE and that society needs to actively vaccinate everyone. I agree that everyone needs to vaccinate in some way against these horrible communicable diseases and that we who live in an interactive society need to protect ourselves in order to protect the community from epidemics.

With autism rates approaching 1 out of every 100 children in society (more in males than females), taking the vaccinations seems like playing Russian roulette with a gun that has a 100 chamber clip, and worse than that, the powers that be proclaim that the 1% who get autism probably got it from something else, denying that the vaccination had anything to do with it in the first place.

Why then do a small percentage get autism and a large majority do not?

What factors are possibly at play in the 1% that do get it that aren’t present in those that don’t. There are many theories:

  1. Mercury poisoning
  2. Leaky Gut Syndrome secondary to Gluten Sensitivity
  3. A hyperactive Immune System with many allergies
  4. Genetics

1. It is well known that mothers who have numerous mercury fillings have higher circulating mercury levels and dump large amounts of mercury into their firstborn children with subsequent lesser amounts into subsequent pregnancies.

Mercury seemingly MAGNIFIES the effect of any and all infectious organisms. Mercury seems the number one risk in all of these patients.

2. Leaky gut syndrome is caused by many factors including mercury and gluten which allow the early absorption of different allergenic foods before they are totally digested. This causes antibodies to be produced against food proteins (phenolics) that cross react with different parts of nerves, mucous membranes and the parts of the nervous system and brain responsible for autism.

3. A hyper reactive immune system is caused by environmental exposure to thousands of allergens and are aggravated by a high sugary carbohydrate diet which a lot of mothers give their children to keep them occupied.

4. The genetics angle is pure inheritance and the luck of the draw in  matching two pairs of genes from mothers and fathers that marry without any consideration to the new genome they are creating. In any case, there is no way to test these factors, so that when people fall in love and marry each, other their children are in fact the luck of the draw genetically.

In any case, I personally believe in this 1% connection and do two things:

  1. I pray that my close ones are in the 99% group should they need an allopathic vaccination.
  2. I protect my patients and family that will listen to me with homeopathy.

It is well known that vaccine nosodes (dilutions of vaccines) stimulate the immune system to offer a passive form of protection (scientifically unproven) against side effects of vaccinations.

However, it was STRONGLY PROVEN by homeopathic proving methods that vaccinosis (the disease caused by vaccination) can be treated with both the remedy Thuja and the nosodes of the vaccination itself.

In fact, at the recent Integrative Medicine Conference in New York City in February, I met a California naturopath who claims to have tested elevated antibody levels against MMR in patients that he administered his Homeopathic Nosode drops. Antibody levels are what is created in the body by the immune system after a vaccination and it is these antibody levels that are the proof that a vaccination was effective.

I bought the Vaccinosis Nosode drops that this doctor used from a reputable manufacturer in Oregon and have been wanting to recreate his findings and publish them if either TRUE or FALSE.

Now I know that the recent Disneyland stimulated measles scare (now over and out of the news) caused many parents who hadn’t vaccinated their children to break their resolve and get the vaccinations, but if, in fact, anyone reading this still has an unvaccinated child against MMR, I’m hoping that they will come in to get their child tested for antibodies and if they are in fact negative, to use the Homeopathic Drops for 30 days and to wait another month and retest the child to see if antibodies develop WHICH WOULD PROVE that the nosodes do in fact create antibody levels which would turn out to be a much safer way to vaccinate.

I only have 6 bottles of the nosode drops on hand, but I’m offering to buy another 6 bottles  and DONATE a free bottle and my office call charges to the first dozen patients who volunteer to do this test. You will have course have to pay for the blood tests both before and after and in fact if you still want to NOT VACCINATE you will be in the same position you were in before starting the project and can if you wish rethink your decisions de novo.

Warm regards,

Dr Bruce H Shelton MD, MD(H), DiHom, FBIH
Homeopathic Family Physician

P.S. I’ve sent this on my blog to only patients who read my practice website and none of this represents opinions of DesBio, The company that I also work for part time, who, in fact doesn’t sell Vaccine Nosode products and wishes to remain neutral on this topic. No one under the age of 18 knowingly received this, respecting wishes of parents to direct the care of their children without undue influence.


For more information about autism and vaccinations, please also read Burton Goldberg’s research on the rise in autism cases from the 1970’s to the present by visiting his website here. Burton Goldberg is an author and publisher of many books on alternative medicine, as well as a consultant for alternative cancer treatments.

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Hard to Get Homeopathics Have Been Sourced and Are Back in Stock at VIP

As you know multiple companies in our industry have been hit by economic hardships in the USA, making it hard to obtain some really good products.

We have reached out to American suppliers with European sources and again have Traumeel and Zeel ampoules:

Coenzyme Compositum
Mucosa Compositum
Ubuchinon Compositum

Longevity Plus chelation supplements are here again:

BCI packs

Asea bottles – something really great that never was appreciated, are back. Anyone having trouble getting problems with either their allopathic or homeopathic meds should be taking this.

Pleo Muc eyedrops
Pleo Stroph for heart patients

All forms of needed phosphatidyl choline are here.

Vaccine nosodes from American sources to counteract side effects of vaccinations from several sources are here. Many parents were forced by public pressure into giving MMR shots last month and homeopathic protection against side effects are strongly encouraged.

In addition we are told that the full line of Pleo products are going for FDA review for re-release in April. We wish them well.

Of course all of our DesBio products never left and are here with our only problem is keeping them in stock to meet demand.




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Telomeres Are the Key to Anti-Aging

Telomeres and chromosones

Human chromosomes capped by telemoeres. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Our DNA is the controller of all of our biology. We will live as long as our DNA stays viable.

DNA is comprised of interwoven strands of biological protein that hold our chromosomes that direct our cells to replicate all the proteins that make us what we are.

Try and picture a shoelace which is comprised of interwoven fabrics of cotton strands held together at the end by a little plastic cap. That little plastic cap is almost exactly the same thing as a telomere.

Whenever a cell divides and replicates itself, the next telomere becomes a little shorter and as we age each subsequent cell division causes the telomere to eventually disappear.

That last division is the day we die.

Therefore, the secret of anti-aging is to keep our telomeres viable for as long as possible.

Firstly, the SpectraCell company has announced a new blood test to measure our telomeres. It’s a $279 blood test paid directly to them as a wholesale price from which our office earns nothing (although we do add a draw fee).

Secondly, there are natural treatments to protect telomeres:

1. The herb astragalus is one of the best. Its found in our Desbio remedy, Propoloplus. I personally take it every day.

2. Our homeopathic Phase Remedies Co-Enzyme, Cytotox and Glyoxal are also strongly anti-aging.

3. Our new Phosphatidyl Choline protocols and our Liposomal Vitamin products are strongly anti-aging.

4. All supported by our multiple detox homeopathic remedies.


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