• ZYTO Testing and Homeopathy: Dr. Shelton’s Epiphany

    Dr. Bruce Shelton wasn’t always aware of the benefits of homeopathy, but when he found no other answers to a sudden onset of pneumonia that developed into chronic asthma his experience with the treatment was profound. “It was like someone pushed a button and my lungs opened up,” states Shelton. This epiphany led to greater […]

  • Dr. Shelton Interviews Ed Kondorot, MD: Full Transcript

    Here is the full transcript of Dr. Bruce Shelton’s interview with Dr. Ed. Kondorot on Dr. Shelton’s program, “God’s Way Back”, which we featured in an earlier post.

    Dr. Bruce:        Well good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to another exciting edition of God’s Way Back. My name is Dr. Bruce Shelton. I am a homeopathic family physician here in Phoenix and as you know, once a month Anthony D’Antonio lets us do this show on healthcare, because that’s another way to get spiritually closer to the Lord.

    Today I have a special guest, another fellow homeopathic physician here in Arizona, Dr. Ed Kondrot. Ed, welcome to the show.

    Dr. Ed:             Great to be on the show. Thanks so much.

    Dr. Bruce:        It’s our pleasure. This is going to be an interesting show, because Dr. Kondrot is a medical doctor, but he’s also an ophthalmologist. He is probably the only homeopathic ophthalmologist in the west, would that be fair to say?

    Dr. Ed:             Possibly the only homeopathic ophthalmologist in the country.

    Dr. Bruce:        Isn’t that interesting. Why don’t you tell us what makes your practice different than a regular ophthalmologist practice?

    Dr. Ed:             In my practice, not only am I a traditional ophthalmologist, I’m Board certified in ophthalmology, but my goal is to try to bring complementary medicine to my practice and one of the modalities that I use is homeopathy. My approach to patients, I try to balance my approach. I’m using traditional ophthalmology, medical prescribing drugs, surgery, but on the other hand, I’m looking a little bit deeper as to the cause of disease and using modalities like homeopathy to really try to cure the entire person instead of just superficially treating them.

    Dr. Bruce:        We’re going to be talking about that. We have a whole hour to talk. You also have an interesting office location. You have 2 offices. Where exactly are they? I know one of them is on Camelback Road near 19th Avenue, isn’t that correct?

    Dr. Ed:             Right. The polarity goes on.

    Dr. Bruce:        And then you have another one on the east side. How far on the east side?

    Dr. Ed:             The polarity goes on. I’m Board certified in ophthalmology and I practice homeopathy, which is very much a part. I have a practice here in Phoenix, Arizona and a practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so I’m back and forth every month.

  • God’s Way Back: Getting Closer to God Through Natural Medicine

    Fifteen years ago, I had two patients Anthony and Atha D’Antonio who had a weekly TV show on Local Public access TV called “God’s Way Back.” Anthony was a self-taught minister and preached Biblical history and his spiritual understanding of it once weekly on this TV show from the studios of Phoenix Channel 98 which has since closed. Anyone who took their course on how to run TV equipment could have 6 free hours of TV time that aired locally on Cox Cable.

    They first approached me to do their show once a month from a homeopathic doctor’s perspective, thinking that natural medicine was another way to get closer to God.
    I did the show once a month for 5 years and have 60 VCR tapes of all the shows that I did for them. The show was a one hour interview format show where I would invite local Arizona doctors in the homeopathic profession as well as public figures, and on several instances, guest doctors visiting Phoenix from as far away as Europe and South America.

    Atha has since been called to heaven and Anthony is living in Chicago with his daughter with severe health issues of his own that really would be helped by prayers the same way we helped Dr. Mike. Anthony in fact has a full library of all his other straight preaching shows and was always looking for a way to make an Internet ministry out of them with the thought that donations would support his mission in life.

    The three shows of my era are of course presented here for free and represent some of the wealth of medical information that I want to share with my friends and patients.

    The Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

    The first one entitled “Mercury Panel” was a one hour show put on with the help of good friend, Dr. Terry Lee DDS, the first biological dentist to practice in Arizona. It’s a fascinating discussion on the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings with a professor from ASU and a parent of a child with illnesses that resulted from mercury exposure.

  • Prayer and my visit to San Francisco to see Dr. Mike

    It’s been a momentous 5 weeks in the life of my best friend, Dr. Mike. From his life threatening bleed a month ago through two surgeries and four different hospital facilities, he is now in a rehab center. His family and even he himself have been very moved by the outpouring of love that has […]

  • Dr B’s Remedies

    Dr. Bruce Shelton, MD MD(H) has developed a line of homeopathic remedies at   The site selling a variety of homeopathic including an athletic performance enhancer, a hangover cure, traveler’s tonic (jet lag cure and illness prevention), a hemorrhoid treatment, and advanced flu remedy, which helps fight off swine flu and other flu symptoms.