Chiropractic Approach to Chronic Illness

Here at Valley Integrative Physicians we approach illness from many different directions. Buried emotions can manifest in musculoskeletal pains and complaints. The following blog, written by our Chiropractor Dr. Karen Lalli, DC, shows her approach to chronic illness. You are invited to come in for the free consult for new patients she is offering.

We have all heard of “mind, body and emotions.” We have studies that show different emotions that release different chemicals chiropracticfrom our brain according to what emotion is triggered. But what is also important is to remember that each emotion gets stored in different organs of the body as well.

The amount of stressors in the form of negative emotions can contribute dramatically to the tension held in an area of the body.  Chronic pain in a certain spot can be related to long-held anger, fear, etc.  If someone suffers an emotional shock and never looks at it, that can manifest as a disease state in an organ.

In our practice at Dr. Shelton’s , we try to see and treat all the levels of healing necessary for the person to have good health back.  This includes spinal adjusting, cranial bone movement, and organ release work. If you are reading this blog and you are a new patient to Dr. Lalli, please call our office for a free chiropractic consult.

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