Do Antibiotics kill germs?

According to the Work of Dr Gunther Enderlein PhD there is a Basic Organism that lives within the body as a friendly commensal thats Sensitive to the bodies base Chemistry (known as the Terrain of the body) and when the Terrain becomes abnormal the little friendly germs become bigger badder germs such as Viral, Bacterial and Fungal like forms through a process known as Pleo-morphism. We literally grow our own germs when the Terrain is Abnormal! Are the use of Antibiotics to Kill Germs the correct treatment to use?

The Terrain is defined as Acid/Base Balance, Minerals Balance and Oxygen Balance.

We are supposed to be slightly Alkaline (pH 7.4), have 70 Essential Metals and not be poisoned by Toxic minerals (ex: Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Cadmium +15 others) and have normal Mitochondrial Oxygen levels to be able to metabolize food aerobically( with Oxygen) instead of anaerobically ( without Oxygen).

There are Homeopathic Remedies Plus proper Nutrients to regulate the Terrain PLUS there are Homeopathic remedies that can down regulate Abnormal Germ Forms to their Friendly normal forms.

When patients get an infection they have a tendency to be given ANTIBIOTICS which are believed by the majority of people to KILL Germs. In fact, Antibiotics further imbalance an already out of Balance Terrain that the Bacterial Forms Morph further to become Yeast/Fungal forms.

Its true that Antibiotics can be lifesaving as an overwhelming Bacterial infection can make patients extremely sick and even threaten life in extreme circumstances BUT the morphed resulting Fungal/yeast forms can trigger auto-immune type reactions that can ultimately be worse as the Immune System creates chronic inflammatory disease such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Atherosclerosis and in its worst instance Cancer

The proper answer would be the use of lifesaving Terrain Balancing techniques aided by correct Homeopathic Medicines to unmorph Toxic Germs and return them to their Friendly Harmless forms.

Antibiotics Do not Kill Germs in the sense that they become dead, They simply transfer them to another more Toxic living form that creates a bigger set of problem.

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