Dr Shelton lectured at NAET meeting

Dr. Bruce Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH gave his annual lectures for DESBIO  at the NAET convention  held at Buena park California on Thurs and Friday July 26-27th 2012

His Thursday lecture was entitled 5 years of using Desbio Comprehensive homeopathics to Augment and improve Allergy treatments offered by Desbio. In the five years since Dr Shelton left his Medical Directors Job at Heel USA to become Desbio’s chief Medical adviser where the first project was developing a product line to Augment NAET therapy.

That initial product line has grown to become Desbio’s newest products including the RXS products that reduce side effects of Allopathic Drugs for Depression, ADHD,Lung Disorders, Statin Cholesterol Drugs, Thyroid and GERD.

It also includes the Weight Loss Program that started with Homeopathic HCG that became HA2CG, a bio-identical form of HCG that ISN’T actual HCG and still promotes weight loss.

Than came our association with Equol Products for weight loss, Prostate care and the new Yu Infiniserum Skin cream for anti-aging of the skin.

the latest developments include actual Nutrients that Augment homeopathy and most recently a Genetic panel to assess patients tendencies to be Obese.

All of these programs are available in Dr Shelton’s Private practice in Phoenix. Please call 602 504 1000 for a consult appointment It was good to see you at NAET 2012 at the conference

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