Efficacy of Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements –IS IT A FISHTALE?

The April 9th 2012 issue of the World renowned Archives of Internal Medicine included an article which was a Meta Analysis of Double Blind Placebo controlled Trials involving 20,485 Patients. It showed that supplementation with Omega -3 Fatty Acids from fish oil sources did not reduce the risk of overall cardiovascular events, all caused mortality, sudden cardiac death,myocardial infarction,congestive Heart Failure or transient ischemic attack and stroke.
The article was authored by Sang Mi Kwak,MD;Seung-KwonMyung MD;Young Jae Lee MD;MS; Hong Gwan Seo MD PhD all of Korean Meta analysis group and working in conjunction with Harvard University Archives of Internal Medicine April 9th 2012.


I received this article in the mail on behalf of Dr Brian Peskin PhD who has long been trying to tell the community that in spite of the over 15,000 published studies promoting the efficacy of Fish Oil in preventing Heart Disease that we should all be taking vegetable sourced PARENT ESSENTIAL OILS (PEO’s) , the precursor molecules that  form the Essential Fatty Acids INSTEAD OF the currently available Fish oil products, no matter how pure the source as the Non PEOs are more natural and better utilized by the body.To quote Dr Peskin:

“first you need to know where the entire” we need fish and fish oil” nonsense came from. Eskimos have less CVD than most other populations (Although they have other ailments and often suffer horrible skin) so it was assumed that the lower CVD was from fish consumption. These investigators made a common mistake. They didn’t look at their entire diet. Far from fish being the primary food, Eskimos rely more on mammal protein like Seal, whale, caribou,bear,muskoxen,birds and their eggs. Incredibly the initial investigation chose to focus only on the fish component in the Eskimo’s diet. This mistake is causing millions of Americans and others around the world to be overdosed with this toxic substance”Dr Peskin has actually created a line of his own PEO’s which I now  personally take every day and which we carry in our office.Very recently Dr Peskin teamed up with Dr Robert Rowen MD MD(H) and they are reportedly writing a book thats supposed to tell the whole story on Essential Oils all the reasons you DON’T want to take Fish Oil and instead use PEOs.

I met with Dr Rowen who is a licensed AZ Homeopath and who publishes a famous Integrative Medical Newsletter  back in February at the Ozone conference I attended in Dallas Texas and had an in-depth discussion with him that convinced me to switch to PEOs for my own Cardiovascular health

I’m currently taking two twice daily and can feel the difference.

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