1.Do you accept insurance?

We would if we could. Unfortunately, Integrative medical procedures aren’t covered by insurance. We do accept Medicare for allowed allopathic procedures such as lab tests. Other procedures must be paid at time of service.

2.Do you belong to health plans?

Unfortunately not. But, some plans reimburse covered services using their out of network fee schedules. It is your responsibility to check with your carrier.

3. Do you practice regular medicine?

While Dr. Shelton is licensed both as a regular MD physician AND as a homeopathic medical physician, he favors Integrative medicine. If you are looking for an allopathic physician this practice isn’t for you.

4. Does Dr. Shelton understand allopathic medicine?

Dr Shelton is a graduate of NY Medical College and holds a Physicians Recognition Award from the American Medical Association. He is a 40 year Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

5. Can we walk in without an appointment?

Our practice operates by appointment only.

6. Does Dr. Shelton practice in local hospitals?

Dr Shelton trys to keep patients out of hospitals. He does not have a hospital practice as homeopathy isn’t practiced in hospitals.