Has Politics Made You Bored, Anxious, or Depressed?

democrat-republicanI don’t know about you, but the TV, radio, and newspaper round-the-clock attention to the political process has become so time consuming that I don’t want to look at my computer blogs or television any more, I rather play video games since I got the right price for Overwatch boosting online. It’s been going on since last spring and still has 9 more months until we get a new President and Congress.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to share my political preferences as that’s beyond the purview of a doctor’s message, but I, like you, must feel YOU JUST WANT IT TO BE DECIDED and OVER ALREADY.

If, however, it’s getting to you, do you realize that VIP has tools to help you get through this?

We have Dr. Karen Lalli, DC, our chiropractor, who is a specialist in dealing with your emotions from all causes – political breaking, grief, unrequited love, stress eating, insomnia, and financial stress can all be dealt with using her emotional stress release techniques.

We have Dr. Hane Sook Lee, LAc, our Korean-trained acupuncturist who can painlessly place her acupuncture needles and drain your stress. Several techniques actually help drain excess fluid from your body if you are retaining fluid from improper diet.

We have my homeopathic remedies which you know can resolve the whole gamut of health issues that I specialize in controlling.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, please call today. Our favorite candidate is your good health.


Dr Bruce H Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH

Homeopathic Family Physician

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