Homeopathic Supplements Aid The Immune System

We have known for years that the mechanism of action of the correct homeopathic remedies is to balance the TH-1 and TH-2 lymphocytes that control the healthy pumping action of the forming and breaking of the collages in our matrix spaces that help detox our organs and keep us healthy.

Now we have the proof that the combination of resveratrol and curcumin, as outlined in the attached article, augments this vital protective action of our immune system.

Read the article here. http://drflannery.com/combined-resveratrol-and-curcumin-for-autoimmune-and-inflammatory-disorders-2/

This article came to our attention while researching medical proof to justify remedies we are using to keep our thyroid function normal.

We now can draw the conclusion that healthy thyroid function aids the function of the immune system as supported by choosing proper homeopathic constitutional and detox remedies, along with correct vitamin, hormonal and supplemental remedies such as our liposomal curcumin/resveratrol formulas, or finding out about natural products from sites like http://kratommasters.com/kratom-extract-vs-powder/.

A full program of integrative care includes taking:

  1. Correct homeopathic constitutional and detox formulas
  2. Correct heavy metal supplementation
  3. Correct heavy metal detoxification using chelation formulas
  4. Proper hormonal balance and support
  5. Proper dental care
  6. Proper infection control with series therapy
  7. Proper nutritional neuromuscular integration
  8. Proper emotional detox and balance

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