As we have seen in the Longevity section, the adrenal glands are our backup system to the ovaries in women and testes in men.

There are many steps that our hormones go through in order for one to come the next hormone in the process and become the end result final Hormone.

All of the steps are dependent on the presence of the good essential minerals and can be poisoned by the bad toxic minerals plus the presence or absence of essential amino acids from food.

We measure the minerals with EDTA challenge IVs followed by 6 hour urine collection,  but the actual hormone chemistry also needs to be measured. This is accomplished by collecting a saliva hormone specimen when indicated and sending a small portion of it to the Lab.

Our method of hormone correction is done as follows:

First, we replace needed nutrients and detox the bad.

Secondly, we use comprehensive homeopathy to “balance” the hormones.

Lastly, actually (if still needed to replace needed hormones but then to use only the natural forms of those hormones from specific natural pharmacies.)

Most patients do a combination of all three based upon need and severity of their individual condition.


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