How Long Do I Have To Do Chelation For it to Work?

We Have Finally Found a Way For Chelation to Fit in a Shorter Time

Most of the patients in our practice who do IV chelation therapy know that it seemingly takes endless amounts of IV’s to get the bulk of the toxic heavy metals out of the body. However the need for more IV’s seem to be endless as the follow up urine collection tests always seem to show the need for more IV’s.

Well, now we seem to have some light at the end of the tunnel and 2016 will see these new answers instituted into our chelation protocols.

All of our patients know that there is a need for a protocol of supplements that have to be taken on a daily basis in between IV’s. These supplements basically include the needed nutrients that put necessary minerals back into the body that chelation removes along with toxic minerals.

The supplements also include other chelators that slowly remove toxic metals to keep the body in a detox mode so that the weekly IV’s maintain optimum ability to remove heavy loads of toxicity.

In our practice, the in-between process also includes detoxifying homeopathics that also boost the process, but even with all of this the process takes a long time and it’s been our theory that no matter how long it takes, the results are beneficial, justifying both the time and the expense.

Please remember that we also do chelation to clean up patients’ adrenal glands as heavy metals are a poison to the hormones that prevent longevity. I honestly can’t remember the last time I signed a death certificate and I do remember that back in my days as a regular family doctor before I became a homeopath that need for signing death certificates was a regular thing in the care of older sick patients on numerous drugs (I’m not saying that our patients don’t die but I am saying that I believe our current practice sees patients staying more vibrant for longer periods than I saw as a pure allopath).

Getting back to the new way to optimize chelation – the answer is the advent of Liposomal EDTA and Liposomal Glutathione plus the 6 other Liposomal Vitamins soon to be available from DesBio (the company I consult for and for which I am chief medical adviser).

By mid January and no later than February 2016, the Liposomal EDTA will be available and this will revolutionize the chelation process. Liposomal EDTA and Glutathione will become a mainstay of our in-between IV supplement process and will be accompanied with new oral vitamins and oral chelators.  We haven’t seen cost numbers yet and expect costs to be similar, but we do expect that the super absorption efficiency of liposomal delivery will shorten the time needed to chelate and reduce the amount of IV’s needed to get to the desired end results.

I will be blogging with more explanations of these new products in the next several weeks and may even have a night time presentation in our waiting room to explain this better in person.

I do know that DesBio is planning webinars for doctors who will buy these products but those webinars are only available to licensed professionals and I’m hopeful that versions of them can be created for patients to tune into via the web.

This is actually a major breakthrough in chelation science and represents a reason for rethinking how we’ve been doing chelation and finally finding a best answer for ongoing good health that makes sense for every patient in our practice.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please watch this space as we get closer to having these new products.


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