If I Were a Doctor In Flint, Michigan, I’d Be Chelating The Lead

There’s a lot of “drama” around the Flint Michigan water scandal, and (rightly so) people are calling for someone to be accountable.

But this man-made disaster doesn’t have to become the health crisis everyone is worried about.

As a homeopathic doctor, knowing that the water is poisoned, I’d be thinking oral chelation and homeopathic heavy metal detox to get the lead and other heavy metal poisons out of my patients.

EDTA, DMSA, zeolite, chlorella, cilantro, garlic and homeopathic drops are all safe to use in controlled amounts and all help remove lead from patients of any age. We will soon have a liposomal EDTA available for doctor-controlled, safe chelation therapy. Doctors will also suggest appropriate oral supplements that complement the chelation process.

I’d actually be sprinkling EDTA powder onto the reservoirs to settle the lead out of water being treated. Even if residual EDTA ended up in the drinking water, patients wouldn’t be harmed, as EDTA is used as a food preservative in small amounts.

Contrary to what is being said in the media, lead toxicity isn’t irreversible. It is a horrible problem, but there are answers.

Warm regards,

– Dr. B.
Dr. Bruce H Shelton MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH

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  1. As a long-time California personal injury lawyer with a very busy practice, reading people’s medical continues to require at least a couple of hours of my time on a daily basis.It also led me to very seriously question the dogmas of traditional medicine,so I began a study into the causes of disease, and alternative treatment.Had I not, my ignorance would.have cost me my life: the fact that I was afflicted with chronic, progressively worsening mercury poisoning somehow escaped my various physicians over the years. But with self-study help and the wise counsel from some knowledgeable alternative health practitioners (including the esteemed Elmer Cranton,MD),the specific disease ,its precise cause, and its unfailing prompt cure, were revealed.It was a text-book case of serious mercuric toxicity; my dentist caused, by filling 12 of my teenage teeth with amalgam,which is 50% mercury, they needed immediate replacement with something non-toxic;the accumulated mercury had to be removed at the cellular level from my soft tissue , organs and bones,as well as my central nervous system. The latter was accomplished with 40 DMSA capsules, and I monitored the rate of mercury with weekly urine analysis done by Doctors Data.A year later, I was finally free from all the effects of mercury poisoning. The DMSA also removed a lot of other heavy metals,including arsenic and lead.
    Capsular DMSA will quickly and efficiently remove all absorbed lead from the snide governors Flint victims.That also assumes local health officials will take the time to educate themselves on the subject, and have the guts to buck the establishment. The other issue is who to take the bills to.That every victim should join in a class lawsuit is obvious’ What may not be is that the insurance company for every property owner with ruined plumbing should pay for complete replacement.What happened cannot be attributed to normal wear and tear, and should be within standard structural damage coverage,as a first-party matter.

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