Immune Boosting


Our immune system is our “perfect physician”. It has the innate ability to recognize truly foreign toxic substances, develop antibodies against those substances, and establish a permanent and total “cure” against those substances by either destroying or eliminating them.

Once exposed to a foreign substance and successfully ridding our system of that substance, the immune system develops a “memory” of what it did, and for the rest of that person’s life they have an immunity to the original substance. This prevents that same problem from ever happening again.

The above statement applies to a normal functioning immune system. However, there can be defects in the system, and these defects are the cause of most of our illnesses.

These defects fall in several broad categories:

  1. The immune system cannot successfully make antibodies against the substance.
  2. The immunity memory function either isn’t created or is erased.
  3. The immune system mistakenly recognizes parts of the body as foreign and makes antibodies against us. This is known as an “auto-immune” problem.
  4. The created antibodies are mistakenly recognized as foreign and the immune system makes additional antibodies trying to eliminate something that was originally created to help us. (This is the most common problem and is the basis of most of our inflammatory diseases such as allergies, arthritis, atherosclerosis and cancer to name a few.)

Without going into a full blown textbook explanation of the immune system we need to point out that our creator developed some controllable biological on/off switches that we can use to shut down or actually turn back on, those immune processes that are either desirable or undesirable.

These “switches” are called “To” helper and “Ts” suppressor Lymphocytes. The T-Helper Lymphocytes further develop into Th1 and Th2 Lymphocytes and under correct circumstances become Th3 Lymphocytes, which help direct the cleaning of the matrix space as mentioned above.


A brief explanation of immune function is necessary to explain how these switches work:

Cells called Antigen Presenting Cells (APCs) originally identify foreign substances as foreign. These APCs then deliver the message of alarm to either a T-Helper or a T-Suppressor Lymphocyte, which transfer the message to a B-Lymphocyte.

B-Lymphocytes are the cells that make the antibodies.

If a T-Helper Lymphocyte delivers the message, the B-Lymphocyte is turned “ON” and antibodies are produced.  If a T-Suppressor Lymphocyte delivers the message, the B-Lymphocyte is turned “OFF,” and antibody production stops.

Helpers turn ON, and Suppressors turn OFF.

Obviously in situation 1 or 2 where we want antibody production, we want that message going via the T-Helper Lymphocytes. And in a situation 3 or 4 where we want to stop antibody production, we want the message delivered via the T-suppressor Lymphocytes.

What then determines which T-Lymphocyte gets to deliver the message?

The concentration or dilution of the original foreign substance determines where the macrophage takes the original message.

Very high concentration and very low dilutions will selectively go to the T-Suppressor Lymphocytes, shutting down the B cells. BUT all of the mid-range dilutions in between very low and very high selectively go to T-Helper Lymphocytes, turning B Cell Antibody production.

In more practical terms of a food allergy, if a person gets an asthma attack from drinking milk because  an antibody production against milk triggers cells that produce histamine to shut down lung function (an example of situation 4 above), we can introduce several drops of diluted milk ( a very low dilution) or a gallon ( a very high concentration) of milk  effectively connect with T-Suppressors which will shut down the milk B Cells and stop the asthma. A simple glass of milk ( a mid-range amount) will connect with T- Helpers and turn on the B Cells and start the asthma! A perfect example of situation 4.

An example of wanting to turn on B Cells via T-Helper Lymphocytes would be unwelcome infections. We would never want our Endobiont to become the form of the measles virus. Therefore we would want a mid range amount of the measles virus to cause a “memory” in clone of T-Helper Lymphocytes and Associated B-Lymphocytes to always make antibodies against measles and not be turned off. This is a perfect example of situation 1.

An Example of Situation 2 is the current scourge of humanity, the AIDS virus. AIDS kills T-Helper Lymphocytes so that needed B Cells can NEVER BE TURNED ON.


The key to this chapter is that many of our diseases can be “cured” by finding ways to turn off unwanted antibody production of situations 3 and 4 and that we have a way to do this by introducing small dilutions of substances that shut down the B Lymphocytes that are producing these undesirable antibodies.

We have a “switch” and all that is required is to find the substance causing the problem and the correct dilution to do the job.

T-Helper Lymphocytes become Th1 cells and also alternatively Th2 cells. Each of these cell types produce cell signaling substances called Cytokines. The alternation between the two types of cytokines helps cleanse the Matrix. During times of disease the alternation gets stuck as either a Th1 or a Th2 state and only the production of the cytokine TGF-b can break through this Immunological logjam.  One of the ways to do this is for the T Helper Lymphocytes to become a Th3 cell. (Th3 cells can produce TGF-b!)

Enter Homeopathy and Homotoxicology!


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