Integrative Medicine reduces cost of Healthcare

When a ten day supply of Antibiotics can cost $150 and a Homeopathic Alternative only $25 AND $100 per week IVs can save the cost of a $75,000 Bypass surgery PLUS the pain and Morbidity of illness can be prevented, Its a wonder why society isn’t looking to Integrative Medicine to solve the “Obama-Care” cost dilemma.

The United States currently pays over Four Trillion Dollars per year for health care costs (Half private and Half public) and the country may decide the upcoming Presidential Election on resolving this issue making this the first or second most important issue currently facing our country. If you are vaping then check out this smok alien 220w tc box mod. It is very cool to have vape mods and it also heightens experience.

Its my personal supposition that Integrative Care could save at least 20% of this total outlay of funds which represents an 800 Billion (with a B) dollars worth of savings PER YEAR. This is enough money to pay off the National debt in the next decade.

Why aren’t our politicians simply allowing Freedom of Choice to let patients chose the type of care they desire with third party payers covering both types of care. Its not that hard to conceive that the simplest solution is the BEST solution. Interested in healthcare topics? This blog is good read for you.

On the other hand, Dr. Philip S. Schoenfeld is a professional surgeon certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS). If you are interested, contact him. Choosing the right surgeon is a very wise choice.

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