IV Therapy

OXIDATIVE THERAPETIC IVs are an integral part of the VIP practice

OZONE mixed with blood is a way of adding oxygen to the blood stream and tissues.

ULTRA-VIOLET BLOOD IRRADIATION when done along with OZONE and followed by a high dose Vitamin C IV is one of the best ways to kill germs and oxygenate the tissues. When patients are suffering from chronic infections these methods are the best way to bring the infections under control and to help relieve the conditions caused by auto-immune reactions to the germs.

JW MEYER Cocktails are a way to control acute bacterial and viral infections as well as boosting the immune system. We commonly use these IVs in many acute circumstances

BRODIE IVs are used to give nutrition to cancer patients

SUPER C IVs are a way of giving oxidative relief to the body. As vitamin c breaks down, it forms inbtra-cellular hydrogen peroxide which is an excellent method to fight infections.


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