Monsoons and Ha boobs are causing Mold Allergy to Flare

Central Arizona has a peculiar Weather  Phenomena in midsummer called Monsoons and Ha boobs that cause Allergy problems

We either get strong afternoon or evening Rainstorms (Monsoons) or Dust Clouds that rise from the Ground to the Stratosphere (Ha Boobs) that can be seen rolling in like a San Fransisco Fog Miles before they hit.

The Dust Clouds are filled with Dust, Mold and pollen particles and the rain makes our Moldy Desert Germinate sleeping Spores some of which contain our infamous and unique to Arizona Disease called Valley Fever (Coccidiomycosis) and trigger allergies

Holistic Medical Techniques using Homeopathic Remedies are both a prevention and a Cure for patients suffering from these problems.

Our office here at Valley Integrative Physicians uses  Auto-sanguis Therapy (5 shots), Pleo-Rub Shots for Adults and grown children and Oral Saliva Meridian Clearing Isodes for younger children for whom needles are scary with Allergy problems.

Auto-Sanguis therapy and pleo-rub Shots for Allergy  uses the patients own Body fluids (blood or Saliva) to create a vaccine type remedy specific to each patient.

Patients just need call our office at 602-504-1000 for quick to obtain appointments. Existing patients can get right in for the procedure while patients never seen before by us  need a quick introductory visit with Dr Shelton before being treated. A discount promotion is being offered for all visits during August up until Labor Day. Call today for an appointment

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