A Patient’s Chelation Challenge Results

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The report below is from an unnamed patient who had a chelation challenge in our office.

toxic metals in urine

Chelation is the process we use to detox unwanted heavy metals from the body.

The most toxic metals are lead mercury and arsenic and having them in the body leads to vascular disease, adrenal hormone deficiencies, and premature death.

The best way to chelate is to have intravenous infusions of EDTA on a regular basis. When doing it de Novo it’s advisable to have IVs weekly and when the levels get low enough, to have monthly booster pushes of EDTA, as it takes many years to clean out the stores that come out of your bones which are the main storage depots of metals in the body.

There is much evidence to prove that the monthly pushes reduce the risk of heart attacks and cancer by at least 90 percent.  PLEASE NOTE – REDUCES HEART ATTACKS AND CANCER BY 90 PERCENT.

essential elements

Chelation seems to have better effect when accompanied by ozone IVs and the new oral ASEA water that promotes increased redox potential in the system. This too increases one’s longevity.

Of interest is a new addition to the test panel of metals. They now test for gadolinium, the dye used for contrast that radiologists inject when doing MRIs.

Many patients show gadolinium levels even after 5 -10 years after their last MRI. We are told that it flushes out within days of the procedure but it obviously stays in the body for decades. It’s supposedly harmless but one knows what it does and anything not normally found in the body cannot be considered normal.

I personally started getting chelation IVs in 1996 and since that time have had 112 separate infusions. Since last December I have had 28 separate MAHT ozone infusions.
I feel that it’s key to giving me the stamina to exercise and lose weight.

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