SHINGLES Pain treated by MAHT Ozone therapy at VIP

Herpes Zoster also known as Shingles is a Viral Infection of peripheral nerves that causes painful blisters on the skin overlying the affected nerve. The usual distribution of the infection AND pain always follows the nerves path known as a Dermatome and can seem like a Stripe on the skin that follows the nerve as it leaves the spinal cord on the back downwardly AND around the body stopping in the midline on ther front of the body on only one side.It can affect several dermatomes and appear as several separate stripes, fortunately there are very simple treatments for herpes.

The Pain which is sometimes so severe as to require Narcotics can sometimes last for years long after the skin blisters heal.This is called Post Herpetc Neuralgia. When the infection occurs on one of the 12 nerves that supply the face the distribution of the blisters and follow the circuitous path taken by nerves on the head and even affect areas very close to the eyes tongue and nose.

High Dose Oral Vitamin C, Homeopathy, Silver Sol preparations  and MAHT IVs (Ozonation of the Blood along with Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) given over several successive days can stop and Heal Shingles pain in just several days or even Hours  instead of the several Weeks and Months that untreated Shingles normally takes to show alleviation of the  severe  symptoms. The sooner the first IV is given close to the onset of symptoms the sooner this healing will occur.

For patients suffereing from longstanding pain from an old Shingles outbreak, Carefully selected Homeopathic Remedies PLUS the MAHT IVs can be used to cure the cycle of pain experienced by these patients.

Please see the video demonstrating MAHT on the VIP website or call 602-504-1000 for a consult appointment to come in for a treatment to treat your new case of active shingles or longstanding case of post herpetic neuralgia

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