Spirituality and Homeopathic Medicine

Several months ago I wrote a blog article about how the spiritual homeopaths kept our specialty alive.  It was kept in Legal Limbo for fifty years after the Flexner Report shut it down in the late 1920’s until Richard Nixon’s trip to China brought integrative medicine back to the United States in 1972.

Integrative medicine and religion goes all the way back to the Old Testament where Orthodox Jews are commanded in Leviticus to “Lay Tefillin” as part of their morning prayer rituals.

spirituality and integrative medicine

Tefillin worn on the head stimulate acupressure points. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Tefillin, also known as Phylacteries, are narrow leather straps that are wrapped around the hands and arms with a small attached block of wood placed on the forehead and a leather strap wrapped around the head to keep it in place. A noted acupuncturist has figured out that the straps create acupressure on key acupoints that stimulate the immune system and focus the mind.

Other noted authors have calculated that homeopathy is an energy medicine that likewise stimulates the immune system and the mind to focus and come into balance with the physical body, hence connecting homeopathy to the spiritual side of our nature.

I’ve personally noted that patients who seek homeopathic care are for the most part spiritual and deeply religious people. I happen to be of the Jewish faith and notice that many of my patients are Evangelical Christians who seek out my care because of my faith.

Many point me towards Biblical literature and openly try to get me to convert to their beliefs.

I, for one, am extremely respectful towards peoples religions as I learned long ago that discussing religion and politics is one set of subjects I try and steer away from, as there are no right or wrong answers. This makes it easy to turn a friend into a foe, but at this time of the year folks seem to want to have these conversations more frequently and I remain open to honest discussion.


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