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  • IV Chelation is Much More Effective Than Oral Chelation

    I first started chelation therapy in 1996. At that time my heavy metal levels were extremely toxic and very elevated. From 1996 until 2006, I received 98 IV chelation therapies; the first 48 with the old fashioned magnesium disodium EDTA which was extremely sclerosing to veins and took as long as three hours to run […]

  • Dr. Shelton Interviews Ed Kondorot, MD: Full Transcript

    Here is the full transcript of Dr. Bruce Shelton’s interview with Dr. Ed. Kondorot on Dr. Shelton’s program, “God’s Way Back”, which we featured in an earlier post.

    Dr. Bruce:        Well good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to another exciting edition of God’s Way Back. My name is Dr. Bruce Shelton. I am a homeopathic family physician here in Phoenix and as you know, once a month Anthony D’Antonio lets us do this show on healthcare, because that’s another way to get spiritually closer to the Lord.

    Today I have a special guest, another fellow homeopathic physician here in Arizona, Dr. Ed Kondrot. Ed, welcome to the show.

    Dr. Ed:             Great to be on the show. Thanks so much.

    Dr. Bruce:        It’s our pleasure. This is going to be an interesting show, because Dr. Kondrot is a medical doctor, but he’s also an ophthalmologist. He is probably the only homeopathic ophthalmologist in the west, would that be fair to say?

    Dr. Ed:             Possibly the only homeopathic ophthalmologist in the country.

    Dr. Bruce:        Isn’t that interesting. Why don’t you tell us what makes your practice different than a regular ophthalmologist practice?

    Dr. Ed:             In my practice, not only am I a traditional ophthalmologist, I’m Board certified in ophthalmology, but my goal is to try to bring complementary medicine to my practice and one of the modalities that I use is homeopathy. My approach to patients, I try to balance my approach. I’m using traditional ophthalmology, medical prescribing drugs, surgery, but on the other hand, I’m looking a little bit deeper as to the cause of disease and using modalities like homeopathy to really try to cure the entire person instead of just superficially treating them.

    Dr. Bruce:        We’re going to be talking about that. We have a whole hour to talk. You also have an interesting office location. You have 2 offices. Where exactly are they? I know one of them is on Camelback Road near 19th Avenue, isn’t that correct?

    Dr. Ed:             Right. The polarity goes on.

    Dr. Bruce:        And then you have another one on the east side. How far on the east side?

    Dr. Ed:             The polarity goes on. I’m Board certified in ophthalmology and I practice homeopathy, which is very much a part. I have a practice here in Phoenix, Arizona and a practice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so I’m back and forth every month.

  • Dr. Shelton Interviews Dr. Kent Pomeroy: Full Transcript

    Below is the full transcript of the video of Dr. Shelton’s interview with the late Dr. Kent Pomeroy which was featured in an earlier post.

    Dr. Bruce Shelton:      Well, good afternoon everyone, and welcome to another exciting edition of God’s Way Back. My name is Dr. Bruce Shelton. I am a homeopathic medical doctor, family physician, and I’m here with a good friend of mine, who I’ve known for many years. He was actually a teacher of mine when I was a student, Dr. Kent Pomeroy. Kent, welcome to the show.

    Dr. Kent Pomeroy:      Thank you.

    Dr. Bruce Shelton:      Dr. Pomeroy is currently the President of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association. He is licensed as a medical doctor, and as a homeopathic medical doctor. He has a sub-specialty that’s actually made him quite famous, in that he is probably one of the foremost physicians in the United States that does a procedure known as prolotherapy.

    We’re going to learn today where he got his background from, and then talk about prolotherapy, and figure out what to do, and what someone should look for when they’re trying to choose a prolotherapist. Of course, the answer is you go see Dr. Pomeroy.

    Before we start out, I’d like to point out that you should all go out and get the issue of Phoenix Magazine that just came out this last week, and that’s because this is their doctor issue, where the doctors of the valley vote to see who they like. There’s a special section in here where we got the opportunity actually to insert a little thing about yours truly. It’s the first time they’ve ever had a homeopathic family medicine in the book, and I’m quite proud of it, to be representing the homeopathic community.

    I actually asked them if they wouldn’t mind next year voting among the homeopaths. This was a personal thing, but the homeopaths should have a right. They let the pediatricians vote. They let the medical doctors vote. They let the internists vote, etcetera. They didn’t vote for prolotherapists.

  • God’s Way Back: Getting Closer to God Through Natural Medicine

    Fifteen years ago, I had two patients Anthony and Atha D’Antonio who had a weekly TV show on Local Public access TV called “God’s Way Back.” Anthony was a self-taught minister and preached Biblical history and his spiritual understanding of it once weekly on this TV show from the studios of Phoenix Channel 98 which has since closed. Anyone who took their course on how to run TV equipment could have 6 free hours of TV time that aired locally on Cox Cable.

    They first approached me to do their show once a month from a homeopathic doctor’s perspective, thinking that natural medicine was another way to get closer to God.
    I did the show once a month for 5 years and have 60 VCR tapes of all the shows that I did for them. The show was a one hour interview format show where I would invite local Arizona doctors in the homeopathic profession as well as public figures, and on several instances, guest doctors visiting Phoenix from as far away as Europe and South America.

    Atha has since been called to heaven and Anthony is living in Chicago with his daughter with severe health issues of his own that really would be helped by prayers the same way we helped Dr. Mike. Anthony in fact has a full library of all his other straight preaching shows and was always looking for a way to make an Internet ministry out of them with the thought that donations would support his mission in life.

    The three shows of my era are of course presented here for free and represent some of the wealth of medical information that I want to share with my friends and patients.

    The Dangers of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

    The first one entitled “Mercury Panel” was a one hour show put on with the help of good friend, Dr. Terry Lee DDS, the first biological dentist to practice in Arizona. It’s a fascinating discussion on the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings with a professor from ASU and a parent of a child with illnesses that resulted from mercury exposure.

  • Medical Doctors Learn to Think on Their Feet as Interns Working Through the Night on Hospital Rotations

    I’m not sure why my medical student and internship days have come to mind but some of the best on-the-job training for physicians come on your feet handling rough situations in the middle of the night when you are stressed out and fatigued and feel like a sentry on guard duty watching the Fort of Life for invasion of The Grim Reaper.

    Two very specific instances came specifically to my mind. The first was when I was a senior medical Student doing 4th year night duty at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City.
    The patient in question was a huge over 300-pound unconscious black man named Leroy.
    Leroy was literally out cold and unresponsive brought in with a fever of 103.5. He was breathing without difficulty, had no wounds and no obvious signs of pain or discomfort. Smell of alcohol was unmistakable.

    In medical school, an evaluation team included a medical student (me), an intern, a first year resident, a senior resident and ultimately the chief resident (who was usually sleeping in a bed somewhere until he was called when the workup was done). If it wasn’t for the fever, the diagnosis of inebriation was the only obvious one to make. We managed to draw blood and there was literally no response from the needle stick. He was well anesthetized.
    We got a catheter into his bladder with copious lubricant to collect a urine sample again without any response. We got a normal cardiogram via simple wires on the chest
    We rolled him to x-ray to image his chest and couldn’t arouse him at all with all the bumping and moving we had to do to get this REALLY HEAVY man on and off stretchers and cold tables.

    We really had no diagnosis except for a drunken man with a probable viral illness. The chief resident made his appearance and checked everything and said, “What about a spinal tap?” Of course we hadn’t done that as that usually requires the cooperation of the patient rolling over on their side with their knees flexed in order to pull the vertebrae apart for a good needle stick in the back without bleeding.

    He said, “Shelton, this will be a good experience for you, The rest of you guys get Leroy into position and Shelton will do the tap” (the third one I had ever done).

  • My One Memorable Trip on Boeing 777 Aircraft — Brought to Mind by the Missing 777 Over the Pacific

    I’ve told this story numerous times but want to codify it for posterity.

    The year was 2008 and I had just told Heel that I was leaving their employ to join Desbio.
    I had spent the previous ten years traveling all over the USA and to several foreign countries lecturing for Heel and I was an expert in explaining their products and how to use them. In just two months, I would be starting my present job and a whole new career.
    It was a busy morning in the office and I was getting a call from the chief of Heel’s International Speakers Bureau from his office In Baden-Baden Germany.

    “Hi Bruce, we’ve got a huge problem and we need one last favor from you. We know that you’ve tendered your resignation but we have a very important last speaking opportunity for you and will understand if you say no.”

    “Our lead speaker was scheduled to travel from here in Germany to Gold Coast, Australia to attend and be the lead speaker at their annual homotoxicology conference in just three weeks on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. He’s taken ill and is in the hospital and we need an English speaking alternative speaker expert. Literally no one here is available and we thought of you already one third of the way there in Arizona. CAN YOU HELP US OUT, YOU KNOW ALL THE MATERIAL.”

    “Let me get this straight, you are asking me to fly to Australia for the weekend? It’s not exactly around the corner from Phoenix. HOW MUCH WILL YOU PAY ME and WHERE WILL I SIT ON THE PLANE? First answer, $1500 a day including travel days is our normal rate AND you can pick your favorite airline and we will buy you seats UP FRONT.”