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  • If I Were a Doctor In Flint, Michigan, I’d Be Chelating The Lead

    There’s a lot of “drama” around the Flint Michigan water scandal, and (rightly so) people are calling for someone to be accountable. But this man-made disaster doesn’t have to become the health crisis everyone is worried about. As a homeopathic doctor, knowing that the water is poisoned, I’d be thinking oral chelation and homeopathic heavy metal […]

  • Why Doesn’t Every Patient Respond Quickly?

    I am asked constantly why I can’t just use a single homeopathic remedy and cure sick patients.

    The answer is, yes you can sometimes use a single remedy and trigger the healing mechanism and the patient will quickly respond. In fact, that is the intent of all good classical homeopaths, to be able to give a single dose of the appropriately correct remedy and for the patient to quickly respond. And throw off their illness that is making them so miserable. In my experience, I’ve seen that type of response just 10 – 5 percent of the time.

    For the rest of the 85 – 90 percent, healing is a much harder 6-part puzzle to solve — almost like opening a combination lock with 6 separate clicks or puzzle pieces to open the healing door. The first click remains the appropriately single homeopathic remedy and the combination, complex detox remedies that will back it up.

    Puzzle Piece or Click Number Two

    I like to tell patients that the proper homeopathic(s) is like the key that goes into the ignition switch in a car that starts the car’s motor. It usually works but if you are missing several spark plugs in the motor…

    In human terms, missing spark plugs equate to needed:

    Essential trace element minerals

    And all the Va red cofactors that keep the bodies enzyme systems functioning.

    All of those ingredients must be present for the body’s motors to run smoothly.