The First Thermograms Were Done In the Mud of Ancient Greece in the 300 BC Era

HippocratesIn Ancient Greece during the time of Hippocrates certain patients were treated by being coated with mud/clay poultices and laid down until the mud dried. They had different types of poultices for different conditions but the basic of therapy was coating the patient with wet mud and allowing it to dry on the body.

After a while it was noticed that in areas of the body where there seemed to be extra internal warmth or heat the mud would dry sooner, leaving an outline of inflamed structures underneath the skin. This was the first thermogram noted in medical history.

Today, of course, a patient can sit in front of an infrared sensing camera type device and areas of internal heat can be seen by turning the temperatures sensed into a colorful looking image showing these same outlines that were seen in the crude ancient mud designs of ages ago.

We have been fascinated by yesterday’s news report that the American Cancer Society has changed the recommended age for women to receive their first mammograms (x-ray studies of breasts) from age 40 to age 45.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that as women approach the age of menopause, their hormones begin to change and breast tissue increases its density. The increased density decreases the efficiency of mammographic studies creating more false positive and false negative reports necessitating the use of higher amounts of x-radiation energy which actually can cause a higher incidence of breast cancer later on.

Why Don’t They Recommend Thermograms as The Alternative?

Clearly, the non-radiation thermographic procedure is painless and less dangerous and in light of studies released several months ago on a 25-year study of 95,000 women who had regular mammograms and no reported increase in cancer death prevention that such effort is supposed to create.

The only reasonable explanation against simply abandoning mammograms in women aged 40-45 is that the economics don’t make sense to discontinue the practice, therefore maintaining the mammogram industry for those in older age groups.

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Why should good health be governed by economic decisions instead of decisions related to good health?

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