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1. Barb Spagnola interview

2. H Pylori series therapy Homeopathically treats Blood Disease
Dr Shelton Describes how H. Pylori Series Therapy Kits Treats Blood Diseases

3. How I lost 65 Pounds
Dr Shelton describes his 3 separate periods of weight loss over the last 2 1/2 years where he has lost 65 pounds. First with the weight loss laser, the second with the fat hormones prepared homeopathically and the third with HAACG (55 of the pounds).

4. Peptostrep and Cavitations
Dr Shelton Describes How Dental Cavitations can be caused by the Germ PEPTOSTREP and how they can be resolved by Homeopathic Series Kits, Plus Laser Therapy.

5. How To Calm the Tantrums of an Autistic Child
Dr Shelton Describes How the new product Equilib calms the Temper Tantrum of Autistic Children.

This Video shows the actual administration of an Ozone treatment to a patient. It is very informative and educational.

7. U/V Blood Irradiation

8. Detox and Drainage

9. Cholesterol, Heart Disease and Adrenals

10. Dr B’s Remedies
This is Dr Shelton’s Latest production of Over the Counter Homeopathics that treat Hangovers, Air Travel Sickness, Hemorrhoids, Flu Symptoms and promote Stamina with Athletic Exercise.

11. Leaky gut Syndrome