Why did God create us to need little good germs inside of us?

At VIP we always ask our patients the above Rhetorical question
We get many answers but rarely the correct answer

The most common incorrect answer is They are there to eat the Bad Bugs

The correct answer of course is that when the great creator created us we were not given all of the enzymes that are required to totally digest the food that we eat and some other solution was required

As it turns out, the fungal species Mucor Racemosus and Aspergillus Niger the precursors of the Acidophilus Species that are required to be present were essentially homeless in the biological universe BUT their biology contains the needed and missing enzymes required by humans (and other mammals). A cosmic arrangement was made in heaven allowing these friendly bugs to have a place to live and in return help digest food with their present enzymes that humans lack

Problems develop when the Terrain (acid/base balance; Oxygen Balance and Heavy Metal Balance) gets upset which causes the sensitive friendly bugs to MORPH into unfriendly bad bugs. We actually grow the bad bugs and develop Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi (Yeast) and these bad bugs cause the infections that both make us sick and/ or trigger the immune system to fight the good parts of our body and cause auto-Immine diseases all the way to Cancer

In order to restore the status quo we need to balance the Terrain and Detoxify our systems (all accomplished with Homeopathy) and also to reflorastate the bowel with extra amounts of Acidophilus (best done with a quick rectal infusion)

Our entire process at VIP  is geared to properly rebalance the Terrain and restore the good normal flora to its good friendly forms which allow unfriendly bugs to UNMORPH back to its normal forms

A consult visit at our office will add more clarity to this process and deal individually with the illnesses of each new patient

The combination of proper Homeopathics and Detox will restore a friendly internal environment (Milieu) so that good health can return.

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